The Wizard of Wimby game     


Welcome to Tennis NZ's Wimbledon picking game.

The challenge - pick one winner in each round of the Men's and Women's singles.

The catch - you must pick a different player in each round.

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If you've just discovered the game, sorry but you're too late to play. Take a look around and come back for the next game. Email the Ump to get a reminder.

  Scoreboard Top 5  
1. MattW 90
2. Chiefwiggin 86
2. Drunken 86
4. 19 & Retired 80
5. 1freddie 79
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  Group Leaders  
1.  MAGS 73.8
2.  Blockhouse Bay aces 62.7
3.  Milford Tennis Club 61.2
4.  Go the Pa 59.8
5.  Marshland TC 59.6
  Group Scores  

Go Mike Venus - doubles STAR
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Well beaver not our best effort. Roll on USA!
Thanx for another huge effort Ump.
Yes looking forward to sky again too, more channels to watch different game...
I am happy i got 6 guys right out of 7, girls only 4, i am happy, love the ...
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Good picking........The Ump :-)