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SORRY but there is no AUSSIE OPEN Picking Game this year.
The UMP has invoked the extreme heat policy and is wimping out under a tree somewhere :)

Welcome to Tennis NZ's US Open picking game.

The challenge - pick one winner in each round of the Men's and Women's singles.

The catch - you must pick a different player in each round.

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If you've just discovered the game, sorry but you're too late to play. Take a look around and come back for the next game. Email the Ump to get a reminder.

  Scoreboard Top 5  
1. baxovic 86
2. Drop Shot 80
3. Neil Mc 78
4. Sainter 77
5. zednik 76
  Full scoreboard  

  Group Leaders  
1.  MAGS 62.5
2.  St Heliers Tennis comp 61
3.  WTC Premier 60.9
4.  Whitby Tennis 60.1
4.  Tennis Chiefs 60.1
  Group Scores  

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The Ump has invoked the extreme heat policy so there will b...
Thanks for another great competition!! I'll be able to choose each round th...
I wasn't snookered coming into the finals, but I might just as well have be...
Thank you for your superb wrangling of the game, Ump. You put the fun in fu...
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Good picking........The Ump :-)