The Legend of OZ picking game     


Welcome to Tennis NZ's Aussie Open picking game.

The challenge - pick one winning player in each round of the Men's and Women's singles.

The catch - you must pick a different player in each round.

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If you've just discovered the game, sorry but you're too late to play. Take a look around and come back for the next game. Email the Ump to get a reminder.

  Scoreboard Top 5  
1. Captain0 39
2. clarebear 36
2. Jollyjen 36
2. mjm70 36
2. swiss ms 36
  Full scoreboard  

  Group Leaders  
1.  Marshland TC 19
2.  Takapuna Tennis Beachcombers 18.9
3.  Blockhouse Bay aces 18.7
4.  St Heliers Tennis comp 18.6
5.  Whitby Tennis 17.6
  Group Scores  

At 40+ the biggest queues are for
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*I'm giving up now
*come ofg
Feel so sorry for Lauren. What a terrible time to have a toenail cone off.....
Yes , I totally agree with you they are as hopeless as the Cricket team!!
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Good picking........The Ump :-)