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Thankss again Ump and Mrs Ump for another fun but torturous couple of weeks. Was very thrilled to see Carlos with the trophy even though sorry for Zverev. Can somebody i their right mind tell me how it is fair for the women to get the same money as the men after that non event of a womens final compared to the incredibly exciting mens??
Nancy Jenkins 11 Jun     
Remember Andrea Petkovic? You probably picked her quite a few times in past slams. Well she will be coming after you Nancy with a big stick. She now writes and has great insights into the game. read her take on Roland Garros :)
The Ump 11 Jun      1
Yes I understand what goes on to get a player to the finals but at the end of the day the men play a lot longer and a lot harder for their five sets than the women do for their three. We've seen some very good womens tennis these las two weeks but as a spectator with some knowledge of tennis I still wouldn't want to see the women play best of five. Having said that I'm glad I have a fun name so Andrea can't come to my house with the big stick!!
Nancy Jenkins 12 Jun     
Venus Williams played a Wimby final that was longer than the men's that year
Chalk_Flew_Up! 12 Jun     
Yes Chalky but that was a one off - and that was that year certainly not this one!!
Nancy Jenkins 13 Jun     
Thankyou Ump, been great doing the picks again. Unfortunately I got snookerd in mens final . But was happy Carlos won the great final . Look forward to Wimbly if the tennis pick game is on. Queenie.🌺🎾
Queenie 10 Jun      1
Thanks Ump, well played all. Good fun! Until next time :D
Phil10isAce 10 Jun      1
Thanks for an awesome competition, first time doing something like this and I am pretty happy with my overall result. Thanks for organising it Ump!
MikeyZA 10 Jun      2
Thanks for a great competition..... My First time and certainly a lot of Fun. Thanks for the great organisation Ump
Mike W 10 Jun      2
King of Clay - congrats to Stacey Kot by a countback on 95 points and a full house of winners.
Men's Draw - Shelley Beach on 51 pts. Consolation for losing out on the countback for King of Clay.
Women's Draw - Baxovic with 50 pts on a countback from Serve n volley.
Lucky Draw - Aced It drawn from those who picked every round.
Top Group - Court Session by just .4 of a point over Rapaura NYD.
Caption contest - Robo29 for "Race you to the physio."
Winners email Ump a postal address.

Thanks for playing. See you at Wimby :)
The Ump 10 Jun      10
Congrats to all! I had a dismal Slam... obviously not my best on clay. Apologies for bringing down my group average! But wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you once again, Ump. You are really the MVP.
virgcat 10 Jun      2
Dear Ump, what a Rollercoaster! But much fun, as usual. Congrats Stacy and all the winners and big thank you, Ump, for putting it all together. Roll on Wimby! 🎾
Shelley Beach 10 Jun     
So it comes down to the Men's final. Alcaraz vs Zverev. 3rd seed versus 4th seed. Carlos' 2 slams vs Sasha's none. Sasha leads in head to head clashes. The Alcaraz magic vs the Zverev cannon. May the best man win. Good picking - if you can :)
The Ump 9 Jun      1
101 snookered for the final. Oh la misŤre
The Ump 9 Jun      2
Au revoir mes amis. Grrrrrr
baxovic 9 Jun      2
Double points for the Finals.
Iga the Great is a massive favourite on the TAB paying just $1.07 versus $8.50 for Jasmine. Still it aint over till it's over and getting that last point can be a nightmare. Just saying...
The Ump 8 Jun      1
Past winner Baxovic skips 2 points clear but why the long face Bax? Oh - a little snooker problem you say. Well you're not going to be alone that's for sure.

Court Session lead the Groups for the first time.
The Ump 8 Jun      2
thanks DOGovic ya wuss.Might have cost me a towel! I'm going to change my name to Baxarez
baxovic 8 Jun      1
Setpoint takes a 1 point lead after the women's semis. But don't get too excited as match point is still 2 days away.
The Ump 7 Jun     
Am I able to leave the mens Semi final Picks blank & then based on who wins pick a winner for the final or do I need to cover all rounds...Semis & Final ??? I have only got 2 players left to choose in the Mens draw and they play each other in the Semi
Mike W 6 Jun     
Go both, but enter the finalist pick first! Good luck.
Roi de Terre battue 6 Jun      1
Caption contest will close Sat night. About 50 to choose from but you can vote for more than one. Still time to submit a late entry if you suddenly have a crackerjack :)
The Ump 6 Jun      3
Qtr finals were tough as the seeds tumbled and now a 3 way tie in the King of Clay. Some painful choices looming - oh what to do...

The Groups race is close with the Grand Slam Aces being chased hard by Court Session and Greendale. Snookers looking ominous and might be the decider.
The Ump 6 Jun     
This game is infuriating ahaha, start out with such optimism and hope...then...well yeah :(
SmashemNat 6 Jun     
Well, I wasn't expecting that... :-)
Shelley Beach 6 Jun     
Jeez suspect the jokers withdrawal is going to cause some picking snookering issues - wish heíd withdrawn earlier!🙄
chipncharge 5 Jun      2
Hey Ump, Doko out with injury, what affect does that have on pickings?
Wallaby 5 Jun     
Ump reckons that the Grand Slams should introduce a Lucky Loser rule and replace Novak with Cerundolo. But rather oddly the Slams have ignored the Ump's petitions and so anyone who picked Djokovic just has to suck up a loss.
The Ump 5 Jun      3
Ive ebeen screaming for this for years. It distorts the draw when this happens and the person who goes through on a walkover gets an extra day's rest which may or may/not be to his/hers advantage as is disrupts the rythm of their preparation.
Nancy Jenkins 5 Jun     
Yeah love that, make it happen UMP :P
SmashemNat 6 Jun     
Umpire, when do the lucky picks show up? Dam missed the cutoff time 🤦🏽‍♂️
Cheeky Darky 4 Jun     
Check again Cheeky - and don't get too dark on yourself
The Ump 4 Jun      1
Cheeky Darky 5 Jun     
Quarter final picks close tonight. Time to look ahead so you don't get SNOOKERED
The Ump 4 Jun     
Oh the pain of leading for 3 rounds then dropping to #58. Chin up JayA - at least your rollercoaster ride must be epic.
New leader isGriff but the race is just warming up.
The Ump 4 Jun     
Top picking again by JayA to be be #1 again after 3 rounds from a menacing Daddy Long Legs.

Round 4 picks close tonight - SUNDAY.
The Ump 2 Jun     
With Daniell out injured, Venus and Routcliffe are going to have to go extra hard for me to achieve my now overly ambitious goal in the doubles picks!
virgcat 2 Jun     
virgcat 2 Jun     
What did you pick ?
Billy 2 Jun     
A number that reflects my glass-half-full nature 😂 All will be revealed when the Ump publishes those picks...
virgcat 2 Jun     
Same, I added on a few more with his inclusion. Basically I need Erin and Leylah to win the darn thing now... which would be an excellent outcome anyway...
Shelley Beach 4 Jun      2
Someone obviously didn't get my memo. The worst part is I was watching that on French TV and the commentary was as partisan as you'd expect 😭
virgcat 2 Jun     
Me too was way to hopeful 😝. Diss appointed with mike and Jamie
Vixen 3 Jun      1
Even God couldnít pick the winners in Womenís tennis! What a shit show
Yablindref 1 Jun      1
Hey Ump - first time picker here! This is fun. Do we do this for the other Grand Slams? 🙃
mintyfresh 1 Jun      2
We do indeed mintyfresh - well that's so long as the Ump hasn't gone walkabout and is sufficiently caffeinated. This is the 30th game over 10 years. Where have you been hiding??
The Ump 2 Jun      3
Clearly under a rock! Iím gonna recruit more players to join my group for the next one. 😁
mintyfresh 2 Jun      2
Hey Ump - I picked Ben Shelton for round 3 but there was a problem with the following page and it didn't come up with pick saved. it's 8.15p.m. please make sure my pick is saved! Thanks Ump.
Nancy Jenkins 31 May     
No panic Nancy - all's good. You're picks did save but as to whether those picks are any good well - no comment ;)
The Ump 31 May      1
Hmm, perhaps they would have been better unsaved!! At least I'dhave got an Umps pick which even my parrot could have come up better than me!! Ben what happened to you???
Nancy Jenkins 2 Jun     
Hey JayA you're on fire. Another 2 unseeded big winners keeps you in the lead after R2.
Not such good news for the Royal Oak Rascals who have tumbled down the Group leaderboard, now led by perennial front runners the Grand Slam Aces.
The Ump 31 May      3
The Caption Contest is the Andy and Stan show. There'll be a prize for the caption with the most votes - but keep it clean kids ;)
The Ump 30 May      1
Shouldn't have attempted that at night after a couple of wines. Did not read the instructions properly. Hey ho 😁
virgcat 31 May      1
Rained out last night at Roland Garros so very few results. Tonight is going to be huge but rain may spoil the party again :(
The Ump 30 May     
MBAs Assemble! We are 13th in the groups. For those that have heard of Yazz abd the Plastic Population, surely the only way is Up!
Shelley Beach 30 May     
Wow 104 Pickers have Bouzkova! Great minds think alike I suppose...
Jjdubbs 29 May     
loving the Bouz
baxovic 31 May     
Yeah for once we will be able to watch the mixed doubles with excitement and fingers crossed. Go the Kiwis.
Nancy Jenkins 29 May      1
I love Mixed Doubles, this is super exciting 😀
Shelley Beach 4 Jun     
All hail JayA the 1st round leader on the maximum 16 points.
The Royal Oak Rascals lead the bunch in the Groups race but there are many mountains in this race and they're way bigger than One Tree Hill :)
The Ump 29 May      2
Three generations of our family have formed a group. Will be interesting to see who comes out on top - GenZ, GenX or Boomers (and one pre Boomer!).
So Ruud 29 May      1
If I may be so ruud, whatís the group prize??
The Ump 29 May     
Bragging rights. Although with the Gen Z kids 'Domi' and 'Carota' bagging decent points after Round 1, the rest of us have been suffering today 😂
So Ruud 29 May     
Oooo Iím first. Might bow out now lol Good luck Kiwis!
SuzieQ 28 May     
Wow how cool Michael and Erin playing together in the mixed doubles. Go kiwis
Vixen 28 May      3
No Kiwis doubles matches scheduled for tonight so dubs set guesses deadline will now be Wednesday night.
The Ump 28 May      2
Couple of late withdrawals. Chris O'Connell in the men's got replaced by Lucky Loser Otto Virtanen who lost in 5 sets so the 4 of you who picked Chris got Otto instead but at least you got a nail biter point. Nobody picked Oceane Dodin who also pulled out so no damage.
The Ump 28 May      1
How did tabilo lose...i was one of the few ppl watching him at dippasointed...krish
Faterer 28 May     
YEah so shocked, he has been on fire recently. Maybe he is burned out~
Phil10isAce 28 May     
So all those of us in "Pos 9" are actually coming '2nd equal'... ;)
Chalk_Flew_Up! 27 May      1
You could say that Chalk Flew UP but Ump suggests you keep your head DOWN and concentrate. It's way too early for dreams of scoreboard glory :)
The Ump 27 May     
Considering 2nd-equal may be the highest rank I'll ever achieve, I prefer it to "9th". Historically it's all been downhill from here... ;)
Chalk_Flew_Up! 27 May      2
A shocker of a start. Things had better improve!
virgcat 27 May      1
Presumably you have to make all of your Picks at the start of the tournament. That is if your favourite to win the whole tournament is wiped out in the 1st round you cannot change your winning player for the Final ????
Mike W 27 May     
Holy moly Mike W. You only need to pick round by round. But if you have picked later rounds already then you can still make changes right up until each round closes. The idea is to drag the torture out for 2 weeks:)
The Ump 27 May     
ahh the prodigal ump has returned. looking forward to another fortnight of pain, frustration and self flagellation.Bring it on!!!
baxovic 26 May      1
From what I understand my picks are saved automatically & I do not need to confirm my picks. Just as long as all the boxes are filled in. ??? My 1st time entering in this competition which seems like a lot of fun.
Mike W 26 May     
No worries Mike W. Your picks are locked and loaded. But as for who you've picked - well that's where the fun starts ;)
The Ump 26 May     
I wonder how many jelly beans I can fit in this
FiB 26 May      2
Hey ump, picked my 1st round winners but no save button. Any ideas?
Wallaby 26 May     
Whoops, i see they are saved auyomatically. My bad.
Wallaby 26 May     
Just love an honest Aussie. Bet a few zillion others have their fingers crossed that the picks are actually saving. Ump too come to think of it :)
The Ump 26 May      1
First timer here, just wondering the pick for sets for the dubs, is that for the Whole Comp or just the first round?
MikeyZA 25 May     
Itís total sets won for the whole comp Mikey. Mixed dubs are excluded because that draw is often not published until later. Good picking
The Ump 25 May     
Anybody know who Erin is playing doubles with ?
Vixen 25 May     
Doubles draws not out yet so best wait on the sets guess for kiwis in the dubs. Marcus Daniell might also be playing 🤞
The Ump 25 May     
I know the draws are not out but I thought some bright tennis follower might know
Vixen 25 May     
Leylah Fernadez
Mincing 25 May      3
Thanks for having the picking game again - Ump. I know itís a lot of work, but great fun for us. Glad your doing it again!
Yellow Babolat Dude 25 May      1
Draws are up. Let the picking begin.
Lots of new names to wonder about and some old names are hanging in there.
1st round blockbusters...
- Nadal vs Zverev
- Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka

Good news is that picks now save automatically. No more griping about forgetting ha ha
The Ump 25 May      3
Yay! Welcome back. Love this comp :-)
Shelley Beach 25 May     
Ump's feeling the love. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Hope you'll all be feeling the same when things get rocky - like changing a winning pick, forgetting to pick, getting a stinker of a lucky dip, getting snookered... :)
The Ump 24 May      2
Always at the end of the day- tennis is the winner. As I was once told - everyday is a great day to play tennis but some days are better than others
Billy 26 May     
Welcome back UMP, Yes you have been missed. Hope you are still enjoying playing on court,
SETPOINT 24 May     
Welcome back Ump. Just a little extra excitement added to the day
Billy 24 May     
Welcome back ump. You were missed hereís a coffe to get you started ☕️
Vixen 24 May     
Hi Ump. Its wonderful to have you back with your well-spiced competition -- mais c'est bien gentil , non ?! Alors, en avant!
Roi de Terre battue 23 May     
Great to have you back so much fun regards sharpo
sharpo 22 May     
Me too Virgcat - thought Ump had got a better offer elsewhere and jumped ship!!! The Aussi Open lost a bit of light without our fun. Thanks Ump and Mrs Ump, your hard work is really appreciated. Cheers
Nancy Jenkins 22 May      1
This'll be a toughie to pick - both men and women's divisions a bit more open than for a long time
papamoan 22 May     
Great to have you back ump
P J 22 May      1
Thanks ump! Missed ya <3
SmashemNat 22 May      1
Great to have you back Ump. Game on arky13
beaver 22 May      1
Anyone who likes this comment I will like their comment
LIAMMM 22 May      2
Soo pleased to see u back Ump . You give me and my three friends a lot of pleasure . And the winner out of us four gets 6 bottles of wine . Itís a great incentive to do well !!! 😀🥂🥂
blins 21 May      6
Welcome back Ump. So good to hear from you.😊. Letís hope for a great tournament.
arky13 21 May      1
Yay!!! So good to see that email come in to say you're back 😍
virgcat 21 May      1
Merci virgcat. How could we not do Roland Garros!! It's going to be brilliantly mad :)
The Ump 21 May      3
Marcus Daniell is also in the Men's Dubs... Does his sets count for the kiwi players in the bonus pick?
JamesC 25 May      1
Carlos Alcaraz - scrappy but happy

No doubt at all - she's Iga the Great

Jannik never threw in the towel but
Carlos and cramps did for him in 5

She's killing me. What do I do coach?

The joy of winning hits Jasmine Paolini

Novak survived two 5 setters but old
man time kicked him in the kneecap

Anastasia Potapova got to spend 40
long minutes in Iga's bagel shop

Tomas Machac wowed the crowd but
Daniil Medvedev had him toasted

Welcome back to Naomi Osaka who
had a match point against Iga

Is it bye bye Rafa? Surely not :(

Andy and Stan share the love, and
pain of no longer been seeded

Iga the Great will be looking to repeat

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)