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Will someone wake up Stevo and tell him to email Ump a postal address. His prize towel looks amazing but...
The Ump 31 Jan
Hi Ump Have had a lot of fun playing over the past few years. Finally managed to pick the right players enough to win the Group competition. How do we contact you to sort the winnings?
Tricky 31 Jan
Great fun. Introduced my friend and she's beaten me....
beaver 31 Jan
I have thoroughly enjoyed this one and I got Federer right! YAY!!!
Betsy 30 Jan
great Tournament @TheUmp - heres to the Next Open ... Paris.
AliJax 30 Jan
Great fun! I slid through with the win! Some studying involved with picking the unseeded winners paid off! How do I get the towel? Great playing Honest Mike!
kiwitennis 30 Jan
Love the compitition,thanks for all you did.Federer was great.
Kace 30 Jan
That was enormous fun Ump - got to be 1st for a whole day which was so exciting before coming back to the real world with a thump! Congratulations to the winners - found a whole lot of players Id never heard of and got to like some for the future. Thanks heaps, Ump now you can go back to work again!!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Jan
Well that was fun..not last LOL
Keryn 30 Jan
KiwiTennis wins the Legend of OZ title on a countback from Honest Mike. Both had 96 points and 13/14 winners but KT had more unseeded winners. Great run KT and hard luck HM.
The Ump 30 Jan
Stevo is the Women's draw winner, even though he needed a lucky dip for Serena in the final. And lucky you had a swag of bonus points to hold off Sandra.
The Ump 30 Jan
A 4 way tie for the men's draw prize but the winner is BeezKneez for having the most unseeded winners. Honest(ly) Mike, Ump feels your pain as you dipped out in the countback again!!
The Ump 30 Jan
Hey Ump, gets worse for Honest Mike cause I'm his wife... bahaha
BeezKneez 30 Jan
That's harsh! Hahaha
kiwitennis 30 Jan
Hey BeezKneez. Send Ump your postal address. You get a towel too. You can use it to mop up Mike's tears ;-)
The Ump 31 Jan
Thanks Ump! I was gutted that Rafa couldn't quite pull through, although probably not as gutted as Rafa himself...great comp again, and thanks for the Lucky Draw prize :)
Shelley Beach 30 Jan
Email Ump your postal address and your prize will be on the way. It's pretty cool.
The Ump 31 Jan
Thanks, have emailed :)
Shelley Beach 1 Feb
Lucky Draw prize for all pickers who picked every round goes to Shelley Beach. Praps some consolation after SB looked like being the LOZ with Rafa 3-1 up in the 5th. Honest(ly) Mike, Ump tried 20 times to draw your name but it's just not your day.
The Ump 30 Jan
Groups winners are the UniServers who smashed it by all picking the Fed to win the final. What club gets the box of balls you UniServers?
The Ump 30 Jan
Thanks for the fun! Fancy the women's being decided on a lucky dip!!
virgcat 30 Jan
Ump will get the points updated soon. Been watching another replay just to make sure I didn't dream that result ;-)
The Ump 30 Jan
Hey Ump I entered Rafa with a four sets score for the final. He didn't win but I should have got a point for a nail biter which would have given me first equal in the mens score. Can I have a challenge please? I have two remaining!!!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Jan
There looks to be some tie situations but even with your bonus point you won't reach 1st= as they both picked the winner so will streak ahead when points are tallied. Close but no cigar!!
virgcat 30 Jan
A tie?
virgcat 30 Jan
Boom goes the Fed! And in 5 too, whoop!
Liz Lemon 30 Jan
Coffe hot and popcorn popping!
kiwitennis 29 Jan
Bit of a delay in closing the round but no harm done. Blame it on the holiday traffic - already nuts.
The Ump 29 Jan
Kiwitennis keeps the lead and needs Fed to be extraordinary to pull off the Legend of OZ title. But Honest Mike could draw level by picking the sets! If Rafa wins then Shelley Beach will be the Legend but AndyK also then has a chance to level it on sets. Best go get caffeinated and rest up for a BIG night.
The Ump 29 Jan
Whatever happens, another great comp Ump. Good luck KT, also playing for MB Tennis Nutters (most of whom are currently smashing it at Kaiwaka - hope MB/Kaiwaka get to see the match somewhere... :) ) #TennusIsTheWinnerOnTheDay
Shelley Beach 29 Jan
Oops! Tennis!!
Shelley Beach 29 Jan
The double points kills me!
kiwitennis 29 Jan
To all the Mission Bay Tennis Nutters up at Kaiwaka - Have fun, but remember to do your picks!!! (And save them...)
Shelley Beach 28 Jan
I am a Rafa fan through & through so I had to pick a semi win but now I have to pick a Federer win-cursers.
cash 28 Jan
Double points for the finals including bonuses. Can you do it Kiwitennis?
The Ump 28 Jan
Do you get double points for bonuses in finals? Is that new? I know Roger is seeded much lower at 17 to win, but tipping him isn't really an upset is it?? :)
Shelley Beach 29 Jan
Yep - double bonus points is a wee tweak this time. A Roger win would def be an upset in Ump's book!
The Ump 29 Jan
Here's hoping for old school tennis Federer against Nadal to go with Williams sisters Bring back Agassi
The Fanatics 27 Jan
I vote we stop the competition here - love where I am and it's downhill from here on! :-(
Nancy Jenkins 27 Jan
Love your spirit Nancy but where's your belief? Picking Roger in the semis? Plse explain!
The Ump 27 Jan
cos I figured he could beat Stan but not Raffa if it came to that in the finals. I hope I'm wrong, - i'd sooner lose the game than have Roger lose the final. Anyway I'm snookered for the ladies final - damn it. Kuznetsova has been my only loss.Should have gone with Pavleyuchenkova - bad decision there. Still it's been heaps of fun, thanks Ump.
Nancy Jenkins 27 Jan
The same applies to me. Sudden rush of blood to the head.
virgcat 27 Jan
I am with you! Hahaha
kiwitennis 29 Jan
Stan wasn't the man after all! That match definitely qualified as a nailbiter.
virgcat 27 Jan
Anyone pick an all Williams sister final! I got my first loss with Venus winning!
kiwitennis 26 Jan
Should be Stevo(he has Serena) or me to take the womens section .
strungwilled 27 Jan
Awe come on! Coco was meant to win!
Glenda B 26 Jan
Bugger!!!!!!!!!! snookered on the women. Didn't think it out far enough ahead did I!!! Oh well, it's still the best I've done by a country mile. Goooo Roger!
Nancy Jenkins 26 Jan
I think I left my run too late :-P
icanpikem 26 Jan
How do you choose between Roger and Stan? Guess I have to go to the other semi - don't want to get snookered!
Aussie 26 Jan
I believe we had that name last year when we played Wimbledon so were just anticipating next Grand Slam!!!
Mazza 26 Jan
'Northcote next stop New York' now lead the Groups prize. Can the coathangers hang on? And what's the New York connection?
The Ump 26 Jan
Kiwitennis hangs onto the lead after the Qtrs but being kept Honest by Mike just 1 point behind.
The Ump 26 Jan
I have been so lucky so far. It's amazing how many players in the game have also picked every winner so far! Closest I have come to win in my 2 years of playing!
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Enjoy it while you can Kiwitennis. As your great boss Dennis would say "It ain't over til it's over" ;-)
The Ump 25 Jan
Don't I know it! Lot more luck than skill
kiwitennis 25 Jan
Waiting on a Dimitrov win. Semis are tough as you could snooker yourself for the final.
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Yes, staring down the barrel of that myself.
virgcat 25 Jan
You can relax now. I'm bitterly regretting my last pick!
virgcat 25 Jan
I got Venus right and in 2 sets! Luck continues! Now all I need is a Men's win
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Don't we all darlin'... it's gripping stuff!
virgcat 24 Jan
FYI, I am playing as the Associate Tennis Director Of Van Der Meer Tennis on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Adam
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Is that in Browns Bay??
virgcat 24 Jan
No Mission Bay
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Go the Bay
Shelley Beach 26 Jan
Make it or break it time! 1/4 finals!
kiwitennis 24 Jan
Don't forget the top Group prize of a box of balls. Leaders are Uniservers from Northcote and Blockhouse Bay. Who/what/where are the Uniservers?
The Ump 24 Jan
Ump has been slack for not mentioning the leaders in the Mens and Womens draws. Virgcat indeed leads the mens along with BeezKneez and Kiwitennis all on 27 pts. Strungwilled dominates the womens draw with 30 points.
The Ump 24 Jan
32nd????? What happened to 2nd??? then 4th??? Challenge................
Nancy Jenkins 24 Jan
I would like to take a moment to revel in the glory of coming 1st= in the Men's at this point. I'm sure it won't last. Everything is sooo unpredictable this year. And don't talk to me about the Women's...
virgcat 24 Jan
1/4 final time is where things get tricky!
kiwitennis 23 Jan
Keep it up Kiwitennis - just a 1 point lead after round 4. Time to look ahead and don't get SNOOKERED
The Ump 24 Jan
Istomin lion killer down but is hr out?
stevo 23 Jan
Kuznetsova cost me my first loss - oh the pain Ump, the pain!!!!
Nancy Jenkins 23 Jan
No c'mon Konta
kiwitennis 22 Jan
Your picking integrity remains intact.
virgcat 23 Jan
My luck continues with a 4 set Tsonga win
kiwitennis 22 Jan
Stone the crows! Murray out in another cracker. Would you guys stop these fantastic matches. Not done a bloody thing all weekend cept watch the tennis
Stone the crows 22 Jan
Great match between Murray and Zverev
Glenda B 22 Jan
The big money is on the big fella Jo-Willy Tsonga in round 4 with 102 pickers depending on him to beat the Brit upstart Dan Evans. Going to be floods of tears if that turns to custard.
The Ump 22 Jan
Im calling an upset ;)
Max54 22 Jan
Quite hard competition ! So far I picked right 6 out of 6 and only coming 6 !
micpat 22 Jan
Kiwitennis leads after 3 rounds on 43 points with 6 unseeded winners. Can you keep it up KT?
The Ump 22 Jan
I have to start picking seeds now though!
kiwitennis 22 Jan
What do we click on to get the draw without going to separate website
Glenda B 21 Jan
Click the Umps Quick Picker link. That shows the draw and highlights who you have already picked.
The Ump 21 Jan
umps quick picker hi glenda
Kirky 21 Jan
somebody else must be doing my picking - I'm used to being second to bottom not second to top!! It's dizzying heights!
Nancy Jenkins 21 Jan
Dare to dream Nancy Jenkins. You're in uncharted territory in 2nd place ;)
The Ump 21 Jan
Neck and Neck lLefty 1 am on your tail, watch the Fed
stevo 20 Jan
Oh no I'll have to up my game Stevo!
Lefty1 21 Jan
Eugenie! I thought you had the measure of Coco. So close (to my points) and yet so far.
virgcat 20 Jan
BeezKneez and Kiwitennis lead after round 2 with 30 out of a possible 32 points. And no one still on zero - well Novak prob feels like a zero. Get your picks in for round 3 by 1pm.
The Ump 20 Jan
The Ump 19 Jan
Damn it ... I've not entered how many Sets FFS!!!
AliJax 19 Jan
Well, at least I have a Point.
AliJax 18 Jan
Great start by the 8 tied on 15 points after round 1. But a long way to go and the 12 still on ZERO could still become heroes.
The Ump 18 Jan
What a bunch of bogans watching the Thompson v Sousa match. A disgrace how they were allowed to carry on like that, if you ask me. No wonder Sousa lost focus!
virgcat 17 Jan
Oh Lauren! - Better luck next year. Was a different Serena today eh?!....
Lightfiresboy81 17 Jan
I can't believe I'm coming fourth!! Going to retire unbeaten!!!
Nancy Jenkins 17 Jan
Goodonya Nance. Those are heady heights - better sit down for a bit as dizziness could affect your picking ;-)
The Ump 17 Jan
ASB Classic winner Lauren Davis gives 59 people a bad start to the game! Must have got injured! :-(
Neil Mc 17 Jan
Can't understand why Eugenie Bouchard looked so hot on court last night, was only 22 degrees.
Duh (*!*) 17 Jan
1st time playing - Madison ! Nooooo ! #TheUmp
AliJax 16 Jan
I would like to reveal that sweet Caroline is 17.
strungwilled 16 Jan
And that Garbine is seven. Could there be inappropriate bonuses ahead ump?
strungwilled 20 Jan
1st round losers at Melbourne get $A50,000 and go home. 1st round losers in the Legend of OZ might score a nailbiter point but get to keep playing. Good luck everyone.
The Ump 16 Jan
Deadline extended to 1pm for registration and picking. Thinking of changing a pick? Yeah! Nah! Ump's advice - pick and forget.
The Ump 16 Jan
Hope it's not too windy for Serena (Miss Precious) !!
Shot 16 Jan
Can't wait till tomorrow, The Aussie Open is the best Grand Slam in my opinion. Good luck everyone... I'm hoping not to snooker myself late in the piece as I usually do!
Tommo 15 Jan
Draws are up. Time to avago at the Legend of OZ. Good picking.
The Ump 14 Jan
Hang tight Pickers. Final round of qualifying is underway in Melbourne so the draws should be loaded later today.
The Ump 14 Jan
Umpire, I don't anything for group prizes 😇
The Windmill 11 Jan
I don't see anything for group winners?
The Windmill 12 Jan
Fair suck of the sav Windmill! Groups are all about gaining bragging rights over yer mates ;)
The Ump 12 Jan
But there is a box of balls for the top club Group overall. Mission Bay Tennis Nutters have won it twice in a row. Can they make it 3 in a row? Unlikely says the Ump as the rules have been tweaked!!
The Ump 12 Jan
Hope these precious players who pull out of ASB step up ready in Melbourne 😜😳
Fair dinkum 11 Jan
Bring it Mate!
The Fanatics 11 Jan
So pumped to play! Finally an aussie open version!
Grassroots 11 Jan
So exciting to be playing the game again - thanks Ump!
Lefty1 11 Jan
Whats the score mate
C'mon mate 10 Jan
Inspiring stuff from the Kiwi lads yesterday. Almost legendary and just what Ump needed to get A into G and launch the Aussie Open picking game. Welcome to the Legend of OZ.
The Ump 9 Jan
That backhand brought tears of joy

Living Legends - Rafa and Roger

Her racquet got a telling off but Serena
borrowed another to win her 23rd slam

Rafa was enormous against Dimitrov
This Aussie Open is legendary stuff

Venus was ecstatic to make the final
Can she put little Sis in her place?

Johanna Konta - she'll be back for sure

The Legend's back! Long live the Fed

'Is that the exit?' asks a dazed Istomin
But what a fantastic ride Denis gave us

Murray and Kerber just had their
worlds turned upside down

Alexander Zverev the Future Great

Bouchard got Coco'd and so did 26
pickers in round 3

Novak pinches away the tears but
it was a legendary match

Tactics or gossip! Any suggestions?

Oops Missed! Or just calming the crowd

Lauren Davis won a 1st title in Auckland
but is a 1st round casualty in Melbourne

The Jack Sock celebration in Auckland
Will the dream continue in Melbourne

Aussie legend Rod Laver immortalised
in bronze at Melbourne Park

Register now and challenge yer mates

The Nitty Gritty.
You get 5 points for each correct pick, plus you can earn bonus points.
  +1 point for picking a winning unseeded player
  +1 point if an unseeded player beats a seeded player, or a seeded player beats a better seed.
  +1 point for guessing a winner and the correct number of sets. No sets bonus for walkovers, or retirements unless more than 1 set played for women and 2 sets for men.
Double points will be awarded in the Finals.
A losing pick earns 1 consolation point if the match is a nail biter (i.e. 5 sets for men, 3 sets for women).

If you forget to make a pick, you will be randomly assigned a Lucky Dip selected from all remaining players. Lucky Dip picks do not qualify for bonus points!!!

The Winner is the punter who scores the most points overall and will receive a genuine Aussie Open Players Towel and be crowned the Legend of OZ.

The top points scorer in each of the men's and women's draws will also win Aussie Open gear. A lucky draw prize will go to a random punter who has made a pick in all rounds. Limit one prize per punter.