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The Ump has invoked the extreme heat policy so there will be no Aussie Open picking game.
Perhaps it's just as well seeing as how the seeds have been destroyed at the ASB Classic.
See you for Roland Garros
The Ump 11 Jan
Thanks for another great competition!! I'll be able to choose each round then so crossing my fingers that things go as expected 😂😂😂
arky13 11 Sep
I wasn't snookered coming into the finals, but I might just as well have been - I'd used Osaka and Djokovic in the semis. Congratulations to Baxovic and the other prizewinners - and a reminder to self NOT to miss submission deadlines (although I would only have gained about a hundred places)!
anotherkiwi 11 Sep
Thank you for your superb wrangling of the game, Ump. You put the fun in funtennis! What a rollercoaster that was! Look forward to the next one.
virgcat 10 Sep
Thank you linesmen, thankyou ball boys and a special big Thanks to the umpires, (both here and in NEW York!)
baxovic 10 Sep
Many thankks again UMP, you do a wonderful job, the worst results i have ever had, cannot be in the winning circle all the time lol, look forward to Aussie Open, love the challenge of picking. I would have loved Martine Poltro to get another grand slam, still time for him. Thank you Ump from Queenie
Queenie 10 Sep
Big Apple Picker - BAXOVIC
Women's draw - STAG
Men's draw - GOLDENBEAR
Groups - MAGS (repeat of Wimby)
Congratulations Baxovic on winning the toughest comp ever. Nobody did better than 3 losses!
See you...
The Ump 10 Sep
Another great game - thanks Ump you do a sterling job
Billy 10 Sep
At times Djovovic looked really shaky as he battled the heat of New York during the early rounds. I thought Nadal's retirement would help Delpo, but Delpo couldn't even get a set off Novak. Delpo competed hard but Novak had the wood on him in the big points. Game over!
kiwiwayne 10 Sep
92 snookered in the men's final and there were 62 in the women's. Going to be one of the lowest winning scores yet. Delpo or Novak? MTBMW
The Ump 9 Sep
Hear hear Suzi Q. Serena disgrace to the game we love
stevo 9 Sep
bugger, forgot to choose and matches were chosen for Osaka right (Serena - you need to listen, stop talking and gracefully accept the umpire's decision). Yay I'm 37th....but snookered on the men's round :(
SuzieQ 9 Sep
Hey Arky13 I'm snickered. Go you
beaver 9 Sep
beaver 9 Sep
Finally caught up with you. But there I'll stay. Snookered with the men now:-(.
arky13 9 Sep
anyone else stunned? only in new york !
Ball boy 9 Sep
NZTOWINDOUBLES - this is your moment of glory. Outright leader of the Big Apple Picker but snookered for the Mens final. Enjoy your 24 hours in the limelight.
The Ump 9 Sep
And now the game is on with a Williams loss :( it will come down to a points race to find the winner
VCC 9 Sep
Why ever do they bother doing those dumb interviews with the players in the tunnel? Nobody gives other than a bland answer to a stupid question!!
Nancy Jenkins 8 Sep
By my reckoning there's only one who can catch the leader! So for this tournament it appears you need to be a magician in order to be good picker of apples. Brilliant effort!
bobco 8 Sep
The winner should be MattW ------unless champs are Djokovic and Williams with at least one correct set prediction enabling Hamilton Laser Beam to get past MattW
got the pip 8 Sep
Oops, if result is Djokovic/Osaka then nztowindoubles is the winner.
got the pip 8 Sep
Well we're way off the mark there. Kind of forget you can score 28 points in the finals! I
bobco 10 Sep
Who would have thought there could have so many surprises! Makes for great matches next year with these young ones starting to topple the old guard. Means that one day I might be at the top of the leaderboard 🤣🤣🤣
arky13 8 Sep
From280th to 11th. Bugger snookered for both menís and womenís. Go Osaka and Del Porto.
cull16 8 Sep
The stats on who is snookered on the menís side could be quite interesting reading
Billy 8 Sep
bummer, got through with no faults on the men's side but now i'm snookered :(
SuzieQ 8 Sep
Well that's that, not much left really o well roll on Aust open.
beaver 8 Sep
NEWSFLASH: OSAKA Socks it to SERENA, you read it here folks.
stevo 7 Sep
And elsewhere, hopefully . Go I MOAN backwards.(cryptic)
got the pip 7 Sep
Very clever Kim - just as well I can do cryptic! Go Serena - I need the points!!
American Pie 8 Sep
What! I thought you were a Serena fan Through and through Stevo! She's my only option this time round. Hope she shakes that tutu good and proper!
American Pie 8 Sep
You were right Stevo - why didn't I listen to you and Got the pip!
American Pie 9 Sep
reckon our Roger and Big John should have a beer together and cry on each others shoulders - the conditions did them both in!
Nancy Jenkins 7 Sep
Whew what a run this time. painful. we can not win all the time . hopefully i can pick the winners of the final as a consolation LOL Love the challenge of picking though. Queenie
Queenie 7 Sep
Can the 2018 Wizard of Wimby be the Big Apple Picker as well? MattW could become a legend.
The Ump 7 Sep
SMILEY hits the front :) :) :) A new leader every round so far.

St Heliers eke out a small lead in the Groups race. Don't over think it guys and don't get snookered.
The Ump 6 Sep
Is smiley Nishikori's cuz??
Ball boy 6 Sep
BUGGA. won all my ladies picks BUT now I only have Williams left to pick from so stumped for the FINAL
Vixen 6 Sep
Note how few picked Theim to beat Nadal - could have been so different, what a match!
Aussie 5 Sep
Nadal survives a nailbiter. No such joy for the 110 Sloane Stephens pickers but hopefully some were among the 118 backing Del Potro. Phew!!!
The Ump 5 Sep
Oh Rafa you beauty! What a match.💪💪💪
1 Rafael nadal 5 Sep
Sigh, internet went down and couldnít do my picks. Hereís hoping Thiem beats Rafa, pfft, and Carla beats Madison. Go St Heliers!
Liz Lemon 4 Sep
Ahhhhh....... was doing fairly well and hoping to catch up but........ roger let me down.😒
1 Rafael nadal 4 Sep
All the talk is about Fed losing the plot but meanwhile the game has new leaders again. MattW and Lee have hit the front. St Heliers lead a very tight Groups race.
The Ump 4 Sep
Oh Ump - cant see the keys for the tears :-( - It was the Commentators curse that did the poor Fed in ! They never stopped talking about the Djoko/Fed match, it's all their fault!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep
Lordy, the Fed Express has derailed! My dream final is now just that... a dream.
virgcat 4 Sep
Unbelieveable i cannot believe i have only picked 2 for the Ladies and 1 for the men, some have been so close too, my placing not very shabby at the moment Lol, hope can pick the pace up soon. Queenie.
Queenie 4 Sep
Honestly right now the womans is impossible to predict and the men aren't that far behind, it'll come down to the finals as double points can win u this whole thing
19 & Retired 3 Sep
Aced It and Hukaatai are new leaders but half 4th Rd to go. Take a screenshot now guys - miracle if you're still leading tomorrow.
The Ump 3 Sep
Sainter and 19&Retired lead after Rd 3 on 40 points. But 11 pickers (including 3 past champs) are tucked in behind on 39 - just waiting for those guys to double fault.
The Ump 2 Sep
Try all they might but it aint happening, im taking all 3 towels this time ;-)
19 & Retired 2 Sep
Right then how do I delete comments?
19 & Retired 3 Sep
Happens every time. Start thinking about the grand prize - game over! Maybe time to go back to work ;)
The Ump 3 Sep
unbelieveable my picking not good this time, had such great run in Aussie open, hopefully will pick up my game. Queenie
Queenie 31 Aug
Big big move by MIKEPAT to take the lead with a couple of 8 pointers. What now Mikepat?
The Ump 31 Aug
Is there ANYONE out there who agrees with the umpire giving Alize Cornet a Code Violation for taking 15 seconds to put her shirt round the right way? When you get Djokovic (and others) sitting topless for minutes at a time, without penalty, it seems the height of hypocrisy. It's not like she flashed her boobs at the world!
anotherkiwi 30 Aug
Ump would have given her a bonus point
The Ump 31 Aug
What the hell are the men doing !!! Y first 2 picks have lost and I thought I was being cautious !!!
Vixen 30 Aug
6 way tie for 1st after round 1. 5 of the 6 picked Frances Tiafoe for an 8 pointer. Just lucky or ???
MAGS lead the Groups race. Those guys won Wimby and are hot again.
The Ump 29 Aug
So far so good....... vamos💪
1 Rafael nadal 29 Aug
How the hell does Radwanska lose first round? Women Pfftt
Yablindref 29 Aug
Exactly!! Used to be no 1 in the world!!!!!
Nancy Jenkins 29 Aug
Not a convincing #1 though
sjlmass 29 Aug
Who would have thought Ramos Vinolas would have let me down in the first round...Bum is right Ump !!
virgo 28 Aug
I would have! Heís now lost first round in 7 straight tournaments lol.
freddie 29 Aug
Hey Freddie....don't rub this in !
virgo 29 Aug
Just about time to shut the gates on the 2018 Big Apple Picker. Hope you've got a ticket to play.
Big match 1st up on centre court - Wawrinka vs Dimitrov. What a way to kick off 2 weeks of tennis mayhem.
Good picking everyone.
The Ump 27 Aug
If you look at the scoreboard Arky13, take note it's alphabetical and that's why u r winning!BUT not for long.Watch my Picks!!
stevo 27 Aug
Poor arky13 off to the Big Apple for real. Right in the know expect you to stay at the top
beaver 28 Aug
Confident stuff Stevo - I'll be watching with interest!
American Pie 28 Aug
quite like a bit of French Vanilla or Alize Cornet with a slice of pie (american)
stevo 28 Aug
Whoops there goes the ice cream and the pie is still intact!
got the pip 29 Aug
Icecream's dripping all over Flushing Meadows in this heat.Hope Arky13 gonna wear his floppy hat,a headband won't cut it!
stevo 29 Aug
The pie has been cut! Maybe Italian ice cream is not any better than the French flavour .
got the pip 29 Aug
All set for another 2 weeks of great tennis.
Billy 27 Aug
The draws are up. Could be a Federer-Djokovic Qtr final but tough matches for Roger before that. Halep and Serena could meet in the 3rd but Serena will have to beat big sis Venus first. Let the picking begin.
The Ump 25 Aug
Rafa for the dub!!
1 Always 23 Aug
Go go go Rafa!
1 Rafael nadal 23 Aug
Cpme on arky13 get going.
beaver 21 Aug
We're both coming first!! Let's stay there😂😂😂🎾🎾🎾
arky13 25 Aug
Ready to go Virgo. But are you??????thanks Ump for my parcel. Love it.
beaver 21 Aug we go again Beaver !! A roller coaster ride !!
virgo 21 Aug
Time for the Big Apple Picker - last grand slam of the year.
Good picking :)
The Ump 21 Aug
Won it last year so thereís only one place to go from here!! Better to retire unbeaten but my grandson would never let me forget it so here we go again!!!!
Nancy Jenkins 21 Aug
You're a legend Nancy. Win it again and Ump will personally deliver 2 Towels ;) ;)
The Ump 21 Aug
you're on Ump but it's a pretty safe bet and one towel each will be fine!
Nancy Jenkins 25 Aug
I could never forgive you 😂
IsaacT03 25 Aug
Pipped me by 1 point I think. Good luck Nancy but I'm looking to go one better this year :-)
Lurker 25 Aug
Thanks Lurker but I'm no worry to anyone - haven't even made the top 100 since then! Funny game this!!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Aug
Novak's got back his taste for victory

Awesome play and composure from
NAOMI OSAKA - US Open Champion

Rafa's knee gave in after 18 punishing
hours on court :( :(

Kei is happy. 5 sets - no sweat

Sevastova's trickery did for Stephens
Could be a drop shot frenzy vs Serena

Help! Wake me up from this nightmare

Another tendon popping handshake and
another womens' seed bites the dust

Happy days for the once frequent visitor
to Auckland - Philip Kohlschreiber

Venus had the ball in the palm of her hand
but could do nothing to stop little sister

Has Elize Cornet started a new trend?
The old back to front trick

Keep an eye on Chung - he'll be
playing us in Davis Cup very soon

Halep lost to Kanepi but
wasn't going to lose the arm wrestle

Phew! Did Rafa forget his underarm?

Back in the day - a net jumping
celebration was almost compulsory

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)