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Well beaver not our best effort. Roll on USA!
arky13 17 Jul
Thanx for another huge effort Ump.
stevo 17 Jul
Yes looking forward to sky again too, more channels to watch different games too. Poor Ump, we will have to supply more coffee for you Ump. Job well done Ump.Queenie.
Queenie 16 Jul
I am happy i got 6 guys right out of 7, girls only 4, i am happy, love the challenge, look forward to the next one Ump, thank you Ump. you can rest now till the next one. Queenie.
Queenie 16 Jul
Congrats to Mattw on a great win. Thanks to the Ump for running this again. It is such a fun game. Can hardly wait for the next one. And looking forward to sky coverage!!!!.
Billy 16 Jul
UMP!!! Are you coffee deprived ?? My email came through saying ď. Congratulations Djokovic won the LADIES FINAL ?? 🤪🤪🤪
Vixen 16 Jul
Well Novak was playing on Women's Finals day!! But yes too much TV plus too little coffee = fried brain ;)
The Ump 16 Jul
Not when he won he wasnít lol lol
Vixen 16 Jul
And the winners are...
Wizard of Wimby - MattW on 90 points
Men's draw - Greeny
Women's draw - Billy
Top Group - MAGS
Lucky Dip - Swanny1
Congratulations - that was tough :)
The Ump 16 Jul
What Djokovic won the Womens Final?? UMP, no caffeine this morning?
Ad Alta 16 Jul
Obviously not :( :( :(
The Ump 16 Jul
Sparkle (2014 Wizard of Wimbly winner) used to be quite handy at snooker. I'm therefore surprised to see him snookered!
Ad Alta 15 Jul
Still in the running with Anderson and France! 😁
1Rafael nadal 15 Jul
The Kerber pickers are grinning not least 1Freddie who now leads by 1 pt from Billy. Both have already used Djokovic so need Anderson to climb a mountain.
The Ump 15 Jul
How do I delete myself from a group please
40/40 15 Jul
Have to wait for the US Open 40/40 as group changes are banned from the 4th round. Going to be a long time stuck on deuce :)
The Ump 15 Jul
There goes my win of the men's draw. Damn Rafa!
antz5 15 Jul
Hopefully Big Kevin Anderson recovers enuff to give Djjoko a good nudge.!
stevo 15 Jul
CARNAGE on the scoreboard - when Ump gets A into G
The Ump 15 Jul
C'mon Rafa, Angie and France! Make me proud💪
1Rafael nadal 14 Jul
A big shout out from the picking game for Michael Venus - our own Wizard of Wimby. Go Mike.
The Ump 14 Jul
Djokovic 2 sets-1 up over Nadal when play suspended. If Novak wins there will be much hair pulling/teeth gnashing/cat kicking as most of you have already used the Joker.
The Ump 14 Jul
I'll bet the word has gone out, please make sure that Nancy woman from New Zealand doesn't pick me - it's a death knell!! Only picked one woman winner - picked Serena for the final, bet Angie will be stoked!!
Nancy Jenkins 13 Jul
I too ,Nancy from NZ, have only picked 1 women winner. Together we can jinx the final for Serena.
stevo 14 Jul
I did the same Stevo!
Champers anyone? 15 Jul
Oolala Champers are you Vintage Hawkes Bay by chance?
stevo 15 Jul
Of course!!
Champers anyone? 15 Jul
stevo 15 Jul
Angie owes us BIG TIME Stevo - do you reckon she's good for a couple of centre court tickets for next year? Reckon it's the least she can do.!!
Nancy Jenkins 15 Jul
Am with you Nancy,I'll start looking for some decent airfares,do you think we should try for a seat with Meagan& Kate?
stevo 15 Jul
Champagne and strawberries all the way at Wimbledon darling!
Champers anyone? 16 Jul
Please tell me you are picking Novak for the menís final .
Billy 15 Jul
Congratulations Michael on reaching the doubles final, absolutely fantastic. All the best for the mixed doubles - just enjoy. R&D
anzak 13 Jul
highly suspect there is a lot of us now snookered or will be when the mens finalists are decided-total seed carnage this year
chipncharge 13 Jul
4 way tie for the Women's draw prize with just the final to go. Footy points will only count for the overall prize. Sets guesses are going to be critical.
The Ump 13 Jul
Chiefwiggin and MikeBurke share the lead on 69 points. But MikeB has an ace up his sleeve with France still in the World Cup.
The Ump 13 Jul
wow Michael Venus congrats getting into both men doubles and Mix doubles Go Kiwi.
Queenie 13 Jul
Well who would have thought - the Fed Express getting derailed! At least he hopefully will be back next year. Glad next slam is at a reasonable time. With Football and Wimbledon on during the night no wonder people get grumpy during the day lol :)
Ducktales 12 Jul
1st time playing. Thank god I got France for the world cup!!!!!
The Flash 12 Jul
Stevo - you're 1 ahead of me! How did that happen? The women have let me down big time!
Champers anyone? 12 Jul
How low can you go.....can't wait for the US Open !! Just sayin' Rafa to win !!
virgo 12 Jul
So Arky13 you are sitting in front of tv eating toast and drinking coffee. NO meals at your place then??
beaver 12 Jul
No coffee in the middle of the night- trying to cut back on it. Hope you have managed to catch some of the games.😉
arky13 12 Jul
I've already used Isner and Djokovic, so I only have the choice of Anderson or Nadal. I would expect Nadal to go through, but if I get the other side wrong then I can't have a pick in the final! So, it has to be Anderson as the pick for the semi, and hope that Rafa wins so that I can use him for the final. Same in the women - I've already used Ostapenko, but at least here I can use Kerber, and then I have the choice of Williams or Goerges as my final pick, and hope that either of them is good enough to beat whoever wins the other semi. I never realised that this game would need Baldrick's cunning plans to get all the way through!
anotherkiwi 12 Jul
Impeccable logic Anotherkiwi. Glad to see the penny's dropped and as Roger says 'expect the unexpected' :)
The Ump 12 Jul
OMG Anotherkiwi. Of all the ups comps,I think that's the longest message to us all.!EPIC
stevo 15 Jul
Nyone who picked anderson in 5 is s genius- just ssying ps not me
chipncharge 12 Jul
OUTSTANDING night of tennis!! Whats not to love about this game. But of course 😭😭😭😭😭😭 for me. Rog not in the final.
arky13 12 Jul
Yeah... there's only one word for me... I never thought I'd see the day: SNOOKERED!
virgcat 12 Jul
Go 🇫🇷
1Rafael nadal 12 Jul
My goodness! Two different games on tonight - and a women's doubles as well.
arky13 12 Jul
42 picking Croatia tonight.
55 picking England.
350+ just hoping for a good match
The Ump 11 Jul
This game is giving me grey hairs! I sort out two who could get through then I invariably pick the wrong one grrrrr. And I also agree what a lousy service we get from tvnz. Complained and got the usual drivel. If it's Wimbledon choosing what we get how come most others countries have a far superior service. Probably tvnz is not prepared to pay for it.
arky13 11 Jul
I think TVNZ sort of have to take it. Wimbledon insist on it being shown Free to Air (or at least they used to). I think the only way Sky could get it would be if they had a free to air channel to play it on (like Prime used to be?). I'm guessing TVNZ hate having to play it because there's less opportunity for ads? Just a guess though.
Shelley Beach 11 Jul
Last time I saw you Arky13 there wasn't a lot of hair let alone colour!😅😅😅
stevo 15 Jul
zzzzzzzzt that's the sound of Livewire blowing a fuse after a first loss. Chin up old boy ;)
The Ump 11 Jul
Why do I have a Argentine flag behind my name ? (I am from Sweden)
micpat 10 Jul
It's the Uruguay flag Micpat because that's who you picked for the Footy World Cup. Or perhaps you got a lucky dip!
The Ump 10 Jul
Can I have Swedish flag instead, please (have no memory about picking a World Cup picking ?)
micpat 11 Jul
Ahhhhhh! Was coming 4th and then had a brainfart. Only one other picked Khachanov out of the top 100. What was I thinking!? It's all fun and games until someone loses a pick! LOL
Lady Di 10 Jul
Hey Ump, Rafa's in the wrong slot on your quick pick draw.
Ad Alta 10 Jul
That's cause the Del Potro/Simon match is unfinished. No problemo as Men's Qtrs picks don't close until Wed night. Do you want to pick Rafa in the Qtrs? Remember Brazil!
The Ump 10 Jul
The bonus points have dried up for Livewire but 2 more wins maintains a handy lead. Can you hang on Livewire??
The Ump 10 Jul
What we are getting on TV one is very poor coverage,but this is what all the disgruntled Sky customers want.PAY For GOOD coverage or go without,just wait for the comments on social media when Rugby world cup rolls around,many not realise the situation yet,especially country people wit poor internet
Skytec 9 Jul
Totally agree SkyTec - why on earth do we have to have two channels playing the same matches? Sky gives us different matches on each channel. Tonight we will have Raffa on one court and Roger on the other but will only get to see one match. Bad word here - use imagination!
Nancy Jenkins 11 Jul
Well done ump on creating some rules for the groups, not able to join or create a group from this stage on. Great effort, a true winning group takes the good with the bad all the way through.
Fuzzy Balls 9 Jul
Has everyone sent a complaint to TVNZ. Here's the response I got, which didn't actually answer my question ... Yes our fans are loving Wimbledon! Just to answer your question, the decision was made to broadcast on both channels as we wanted to bring the tournament to as many people in HD as possible by airing it on TVNZ1. However, since TVNZ1 has a commitment to current affairs in the late evening and morning, it is available on DUKE in its complete form.
Meimei 9 Jul
Talk about "Here's one I prepared earlier"... a stock response if ever I heard one!
virgcat 9 Jul
Hopeless again today - and then they showed a replay of Nishikori before showing Del Potro. We had two kiwis playing and they weren't showing at all. Nor any of the Del Potro vs Simon match. Crazy!
cull16 10 Jul
Hi. Yeah I got the exact same response. Have responded to that so shall await with baited breath their response. On a positive note what about Michael Venus. Such an awesome win. Letís hope he can do this again in the semis. Cull16
cull16 11 Jul
Ump, re the World Cup. May I suggest that you consider deleting the flags of all those who have made a wrong pick, so that we can clearly see who is still in the running. :-)
Ad Alta 9 Jul
Oh dear - not wanting to be reminded that you picked Brazil huh!! Take another look..
The Ump 9 Jul
Disgusted with TV 1/Duke last different this year....Hopeless. I join all the others who feel the same way !!
virgo 8 Jul
Letís start a campaign to move Wimbledon from TV1. The kiwi games should be shown. Very disappointed with their coverage. On a lighter note two kiwis in the second week and Nadals looking strong. Womenís two hard to pick however loving Kerber.
cull16 8 Jul
Like so many others, I'm utterly disgusted by the so-called TV coverage on TV1 and Duke. I'm lucky that I have an account with a betting site that streams every match, so I can get to watch the Kiwis in everything they do. I've checked occasionally to see what's on TV but, without fail, EVERY TIME they have been showing the same match on both channels - and last night they were even showing a replay of a match which finished hours earlier! There were three Kiwis all playing at 4 am this morning - it would have been nice to see even one of them on TV. Last year was great, because Duke covered all the NZ matches that were on TV courts. Why can't they do that this year?
anotherkiwi 8 Jul
Yeah I'm coming 2nd! Hope I've got internet next week as I'm heading to the south of Switzerland up a remote valley.
swiss ms 8 Jul
Yeah well I'm going to huntly
19 & Retired 8 Jul
I'm going down the tube... 2 rounds with double losses! I'm going to stab the draw with a pin from now on... can't do worse :-(
virgcat 8 Jul
Why do people have a Uganda flag?
Shelley Beach 8 Jul
Because its next to Uruguay.
LawnMaster 8 Jul
Not any more. Just checking if anyone's out there ;)
What a dodo!
The Ump 8 Jul
Or do you mean Grey Crowned Crane? (Uganda's national bird...) :-) It's a cool flag...
Shelley Beach 8 Jul
Livewire is hot - 6 unseeded winners makes for a 3 pt lead. But has backed Brazil. Shame
The Ump 8 Jul
Howís everyone watching Wimbledon TV1last night showed Haleps game on both itís channels. Great game but when you are getting up at midnight to watch the menís no 1 play a little frustrating. They could show different games on each channel. Anyone have a link to another site to watch Wimbledon on. Many thanks
cull16 8 Jul
All TVNZ have done the entire time is play the same feed on both TV 1 and Duke. It's a bloody disgrace! Surely they can provide two options of different courts. If not they should piss off and not have the coverage at all. Is far better on Sky who give you at least 3 games on pop up channels.
Tommo 8 Jul
Use zorrostream, works every time
19 & Retired 8 Jul
Thanks. Iíll givecthat a go. TV 1 should give up their rights to Wimbledon. Terrible viewing.
cull16 8 Jul
It's part of the conditions of broadcast that Wimbledon must be shown on free-to-air channels so that the maximum amount of people can watch it. The AELTC have taken over the broadcast hosting rights this year, and there are nine courts with actual full TV coverage (not just streaming) for the first week, and seven for the second. Some of those are ones where New Zealanders have been playing (e.g. Olga Sun in her first round junior singles - even the streaming feed had the BBC logo on it). Surely TVNZ can choose two out of nine, and not just one?
anotherkiwi 9 Jul
That should read Lulu Sun - dunno where "Olga" came from!
anotherkiwi 12 Jul
cull16 8 Jul
Thanks a lot!
1Rafael nadal 8 Jul
Zorrostream can be tricky - there are so many popups and fake links that it can take a while to navigate around. Once you actually get to the feed you want it's normally fine.
anotherkiwi 9 Jul
Can you share the link please?
1Rafael nadal 8 Jul
Scoreboard now shows the team picks for the World Cup question. Brazil have dented the hopes of 143 and Uruguay 30. France are 2nd favourites with 97 backers.
The Ump 7 Jul
Brazil out !! Bother !! Who now I wonder ?
virgo 7 Jul
And 142 other Brazil pickers are feeling the same :(
The Ump 7 Jul
Damn u brazil
19 & Retired 7 Jul
Flip. My men's pick lost, Brazil are out of the World Cup... the only bright thing about this morning is I checked the Wimbledon scores right at the point when Artem Sitak won his mixed doubles match.
virgcat 7 Jul
hi Ump, how do you leave groups you do not want to be in any more? cheers Coleman
Coleman 6 Jul
Absolutely thrilled coming 8th, got to keep it up. Queenie
Queenie 6 Jul
Aceman Commeth joins Livewire in the lead after round 2. Keep gambling guys!
Northcote Book Club leads the Groups race by a sliver from Redwood.
The Ump 6 Jul
Total seed carnage overnight!!
chipncharge 6 Jul
Football is coming home lets go reds!
F1NN 5 Jul
"Oh Joy" !! Now I am waiting for "Jolly hockey sticks " are doing well !
virgo 5 Jul
Go Stan! Please don't let me down
1Rafael nadal 5 Jul
Livewire is on fire and leads on 30 points. Hope the pressure does not lead to a SHORT CIRCUIT
The Ump 5 Jul
I'm quietly hoping he blows a fuse....
Kiss My Ace 5 Jul
That was clever well played
The flogger 5 Jul
Ump...roughly what time every morning do u think ull have the picks entered? Just so we know when to look...
19 & Retired 5 Jul
It seems to change, but i get an email when its done.
Kiss My Ace 5 Jul
9.43am but unlike you Ump's not retired so other factors have an effect such as
- degree of caffeination
- traffic
- emails
- football shootouts
- etc :)
The Ump 5 Jul
Hey Ump. Do we get to see the World Cup picks? Allez les Belges.
LawnMaster 4 Jul
Hmmm - can't see why not. Deadline to pick teams is now Friday night.
The Ump 5 Jul
Hey Ump. Itís Friday here in Hawaii - does that mean I can change my pick from those losers in Brazil😟 pretty please?????
Nancy Jenkins 7 Jul
Jack Sock! WTF?
Yablindref 4 Jul
This world cup thing is gonna make or break a lot of people, hopefully brazil can pull through for me
19 & Retired 4 Jul
Hey ump,How do I pick the football team?
1Rafael nadal 4 Jul
You could try - history, science, GNP, world rankings, loudest supporters, or just thumb in the air? Anyone got better suggestions ;)
The Ump 4 Jul
19 & Retired 4 Jul
1Rafael nadal 4 Jul
There's an option in My Picks area (unless you're really fishing for tips!)
virgcat 4 Jul
So happy, first round winners ladies and mens and guessed the right sets, good start hope can keep it up. Yihoo Queenie
Queenie 4 Jul
First time both my picks in the first round won. 😊
1Rafael nadal 4 Jul
Hi Ump, my 1st round pick Safarova won, but still has 0 points?
1freddie 3 Jul
Steady on Freddie! That's just one of 64 matches and Ump's keyboard is already smoking
The Ump 3 Jul
Off to the same losing start I had as the FO... 256 to choose from and picked 2 losers! I even broke with my tradition of not picking seeds in the first round... to no avail. That's tennis for you 😭
virgcat 3 Jul
hello. This is my first ever entry and I have stuffed up. I meant that my picks were to win 3/0 and 2/0 respectively. Can this mistake be rectified? Mr Lob
Mr Lob 2 Jul
Is this Ethan or Andrew?
19 & Retired 2 Jul
Tuffen Up Mr Lob.You may have been watching too much World Cup where the players fall over in death throes when someone breathes on them?
Ad Alta 4 Jul
I decided to read to rules and I see an extra point is awarded for unseeded players beating a seeded player
baxovic 2 Jul
You got it Baxovic, And get another bonus for guessing the sets correctly.
The Ump 2 Jul
Are bonus points (point) still awarded for picking an unseeded player to beat a seeded player?
baxovic 2 Jul
The links to Draws only link to Picks page
Arkadin 2 Jul
Not for ump Arkadin. What are you on? device that is ;)
The Ump 2 Jul - See draw links. Ffox on MBP
Arkadin 2 Jul
Fine for me too
virgcat 2 Jul
Andy Murray doesn't think he can go 5 sets so another Lucky Loser takes his place. Jason Jung is the lucky guy. If you already picked Andy then Jason is now your man.
The Ump 2 Jul
And in the Women's draw Bacsinsky is replaced by lucky loser Mariana Duque-Marino.
The Ump 2 Jul
Hey Ump, How is it going to work with the FIFA World Cup picking?
Stan the man 30 Jun
Thanks for the reminder Stan the Man. There will be bonus points for picking the winning team in the Footy World Cup. Picks will need to be made on Wednesday when there will be 8 teams left. Whose your fav team?
The Ump 1 Jul
Iím assuming there will be more details specifying how it will impact our results?
19 & Retired 1 Jul
Hello everyone...... Well alright...
Nobhead 29 Jun
No jinxing our Roger Bring it on
Naz 29 Jun
Hey Ump - going away tomorrow for ten days so hope like hell I get the time changes right!After the disaster at the French I might do better with Lucky Dips - just saying!
Nancy Jenkins 27 Jun
It must be somewhere good Nancy - just saying ;)
The Ump 27 Jun
It's not Wimbledon Ump but it's warm and that's all that matters!
Nancy Jenkins 28 Jun
Hey Ump, will try to pick but might be out of Wi-Fi range for this, so be kind with picking for me.
beaver 27 Jun
Nothing but the best for you Beaver. But even the best can slip up and Ump predicts early BIG name casualties.
The Ump 27 Jun
Rog might be under a bit of pressure here ! I hope to have better luck this time !! Bring it on !!
virgo 27 Jun
Love your enthusiasm Virgo. Umps's tip - go for Taureans and Capricorns
The Ump 27 Jun
Welcome Pickers. Roger is playing his 20th Wimbledon and this is the 5th edition of the Wizard of Wimby game. Good picking
The Ump 27 Jun
An extremely pleased Novak Djokovic

There there Angelique. Says super mum Serena

Nobody deserved to lose that Semi
but Rafa has to go. Phenomenal!

Sheer brilliance - sleep well maestros

There there Jelena. Try again next year

Could that be Roger's farewell wave?
Let's hope not

Kasatkina tried every trick she knew
and still got Kerber'd

It was meant to be Manic Monday but
Monfils was remarkably relaxed

Enough of the round ball games. Here's
rugby great JPR Williams at Wimby
JPR was also a top tennis junior

Faced 23 break points, lost serve 7 times
and still beat Halep. Go figure

Praying for England?? Jolly good show

Allez les Belges. Van Uytvanck beats
Muguruza. Could this be Belgium's year!

Remember the doubles! Go the Kiwis

How far can Kyle Edmund go? Needs to
be better than the English footy team!

Kvitova is obviously distracted by that
other ball game. Bet she's good too

What do Football and Wimbledon have
in common?
Grass and the occasional dive

Shame - no Andy Murray this year

Nearly time to ruin the best lawn in all

Roger plays Wimbledon for the 20th time

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)