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A 5 way tie after round 1 and 3 of those are past winners. Could Wimby 2022 be the first time that a past winner repeats?
The Ump 30 Jun      1
Hey UMP when is the caption content?
smiles 30 Jun     
When Ump sees a worthy photo. Suggestions welcome too :)
The Ump 30 Jun     
Nooooooooooo!!! Harmony Tan pulled out.:,'(
smiles 30 Jun     
I picked her,so who's the replacement? Harmony is causing a lot of discord. ; )
smiles 30 Jun     
Well she's pulled out of the doubles. Singles too??? have to wait and see but if she has then it's a default and you're down the gurgler.
The Ump 30 Jun     
Damn I wondered why you sent me a txt to pick ump I had picked and saved so I thought Now I have a lucky dip Bugga
Vixen 29 Jun     
Why have the picks for the doubles sets closed already when neither New Zealander is playing tonight?
anotherkiwi 29 Jun     
No good reason at all anotherkiwi so you now have until Thursday night to guess the doubles sets. But are you going to change your guess?? That could be painful!!
The Ump 30 Jun     
The All England Club gets carried away reporting on Serena's demise...
At the All England Club, it was Harmony Tan who drilled down to boil the oceanÖ and going forward, her thinking is strictly blue sky'.
The Ump 29 Jun     
Not anymore Mr UMP. Tan has pulled out.
smiles 30 Jun     
Every time I pick Sloane Stephens I get burned. That's it I've had enough.
kiwiwayne 29 Jun      1
She was an unreliable pick YEARS ago... I never pick players that have failed me in the past and she is one of them! Also Petra Kvitova who couldn't convert one of 4 match points against Rogers when I was 1st place after Round 4, a few years back :/
Rafa_Jaw 29 Jun     
4 women's 1st round matches to be finished tonight. Makes picking the 2nd round tougher or easier maybe - less to choose from :)
The Ump 29 Jun     
Williams v Tan. What. A. Match.
smiles 29 Jun      2
Worst tennis I have had to endure on center court, should have been on court 17
Beamo 29 Jun      1
smiles 29 Jun     
I guess it's not at the 'center' of the tournament for you anymore. ;.)
smiles 29 Jun     
Aargh hey ump what happens to the Covid picks?
chipncharge 29 Jun      1
COVID takes centre stage at Wimby. Cilic and Berrettinni both sick and replaced by lucky losers Borges and Ymer. Tough for the 7 who had picked Cilic but just keep calm and carry on! Same as the All Blacks eh?
The Ump 29 Jun     
More last minute substitutes in the Women's. Yue Yuan for Xinyu Wang and Lesley Pattinama Kerkhove for Kovinic. LPK has won too, much to the joy of the 14 who went for Kovinic. Nobody had picked Wang so no damage :)
The Ump 29 Jun     
Hey Ump, love your commentary. Just curious, kiwi doubles points seem only to include mens and womens doubles, does mixed dubs count?
Wallaby 28 Jun     
Stone the crows Wallaby. It's hard enough to guess the straight doubles without worrying about the Mixed dubs. Actually the mixed draws are not done until tonight so no chance to include them anyway :)
The Ump 29 Jun     
are there no 8 pointers anymore?
carlitos the goat 28 Jun     
Definitely still 8 pointers Carlitos - just ask Nancy Jenkins. But your pick needs to...
1. be unseeded
2. beat a seeded player
3. and guess the sets correctly
Just keep your eye on the next ball and the points will look after themselves.
The Ump 28 Jun      1
I think Nancy Jenkins' pick of Alejandro Davidovich Fokina in five sets over Hubert Hurkacz is the pick of the round 🎾
Womble of Wimbledon 28 Jun      3
What a start Nancy! Just don't let it go to your head :)
The Ump 28 Jun     
Hey Ump - there's only one way to go from the top and it's all downhill Don't lets get too excited. But it's nice to see it on the screen even if only temporarily :-)
Nancy Jenkins 29 Jun      1
Love you Womble - thanks! Been watching that guy in the warm ups on clay and grass he's underrated and suprisingly athletic and will chase down anything.
Nancy Jenkins 29 Jun      1
Federer will be outside of the top 50 for the first time in over 20 years. :(
smiles 28 Jun     
Madison Keys withdrew two days ago. How come she's been left in the field for eight poor souls to pick?
anotherkiwi 27 Jun     
Oh dear. Blame Wimby for not keeping the Ump informed :( Going to be some reshuffling but hopefully not too traumatic.
The Ump 28 Jun     
It's as clear as mud but Madison Keys was replaced by Coco Vandeweghe but Keys was a seed so Shuai Zhang was moved to Keys place in the draw and made 33rd seed as she was the next highest rank player, and Coco was slotted into the spot vacated by Shuai. Yep clear as mud. So the 8 who thought they picked Keys now get Zhang - sorry about that you lot and may the picking gods be kind.
The Ump 28 Jun     
Borna CORIC has withdrawn and replaced by Stefan KOZLOV. If you've picked Coric you'll get Kozlov instead - unless you change that pick by 9pm.
The Ump 27 Jun     
200 minutes until entries close for the Wizard of Wimby. Looks like at least 550 playing - choice spiffing.
The Ump 27 Jun      3
Good luck everyone.Alcaraz and Swiatek for the win!
smiles 27 Jun     
There is zero chance Alcaraz can win on grass in his first tournament. He is a clay court specialist with some hardcourt potential. To play well on grass he is going to need some serious practice and play time to adapt.
Phil10isAce 27 Jun     
That's what everyone said about Nadal in 2008. Then he beat Federer, the "King of Grass",in 5 sets.
smiles 28 Jun     
Good luck to you Smiles but your email address is a dud and keeps bouncing. Best change details to a real address. Would hate to see you win then have no way to make contact :(
The Ump 27 Jun     
Coco VANDEWEGHE is a 'lucky loser' replacement for Shuai Zhang. That's a nice 50,000 pounds worth of luck for Coco.
The Ump 26 Jun     
After her disgusting comment during her final qualifying round loss it's a pity that she got any further.
anotherkiwi 27 Jun     
What did she say?
Phil10isAce 27 Jun      1
She called Maja Chwalinska a "pathetic person" after Maja accidentally hit her with a shot. There are videos of it all around the internet.
anotherkiwi 27 Jun      1
What about the doubles sets ump?
Ball boy 26 Jun     
Yes there will be doubles sets guesses. Dubs starts Wed night so guesses can be entered after 1st round singles picks close. Don't want to overload you just yet Ball boy :)
The Ump 26 Jun      1
@Top Bitch Really? The UMP will pull you out. Code violation, visible obscenity, warning
smiles 25 Jun     
Draws are up - let the picking begin.
The Aussies smashed it in qualifying and now have 9 men and 6 women in the singles. Oi oi oi.
The Ump 25 Jun      2
Really exciting seeing all the pictures about of the courts and preparation at Wimbledon. Our grass at Rapaura currently is very lush and long. Knocking it down one notch at a time until we can get a similar cylinder mower on them like Walt has there.
Grass apprentice 23 Jun      2
Grass envy!
Edberg 27 Jun      1
Always love it when I register - Iím sitting pretty near the top of the scoreboard. It should make it easier to reach the top but somehow I upset too many of the players and they donít win when they should.😉 But nice to be taking part in the best of the slams.
arky13 23 Jun      2
Hey Ump and Mrs Ump - Nice to see you both again. Stay well and say safe.
Nancy Jenkins 22 Jun      2
The Ump: "Safe" ;)
smiles 29 Jun     
Hi Ump and Mrs Ump, this comp is going to be a lot of guess work. Bring it on. Planning on improving from last slam.
beaver 22 Jun      1
Welcome to the Wizard of Wimby all you tennis lovers. Can you almost smell the grass? And the strawberries?
Good picking
The Ump 22 Jun      3
No help up there Andy but good try

Beam me up Scotty - I'm outta here

Player or ballkid - the backswing is key

Tradition reaches new heights :)

Making the draw at Wimby the old way
Talk about drawing out the process!

Walt de Mower guy seeks perfection

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)