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Soooo sorry Lefty1, pipped you at the post, Rafa not my preferred pik but was snookerd, shame bout Halep losing for you but Osti was too u get another chance Wimbly.
stevo 12 Jun
Only pipped me by 1 point Stevo! Game on for Wimbly - can't wait!
Lefty1 14 Jun
1st time doing this competition Ump - lots of fun - many thanks - next year it's definitely going to be Lleyton Hewitt. C'mon!
C'mon! 12 Jun
Another brilliant comp, thanks Ump. I've really enjoyed it this time around. I can't wait for the next one.
AmazingAce 12 Jun
Well done Mike - absolutely brilliant - D&R
anzak 12 Jun
Marin Cilic I'll never support you again!!! You cost me winning!!!!!! Great contest Ump, the best I've ever done. You really have created something special in this comp. Go well.
Nancy Jenkins 12 Jun
Gutted for Go the Pa - so close - just 0.3 in it. You tried so hard team but well done to Whitby Tennis Club
Genie 12 Jun
King of Clay - Pokeno Stan
Womens draw - Deco
Mens draw - Max54
Lucky Dip - Vamos
Groups - Whitby Tennis Club

Email the Ump with a postal address. Thanks to Tennis NZ for the prizes.
The Ump 12 Jun
Cheers Ump Great contest... highlight must be Michael Venus... Huge result for NZ tennis. Cheers PS
Pokeno Stan 12 Jun
Shout us a Pokeno ice cream Stan
Ball boy 12 Jun
Too easy.....
Pokeno Stan 12 Jun
Congrats to Rafa and Pokeno Stan! Looking forward to Wimbly now!!
virgcat 12 Jun
Yay!!!!! RAFA rules!!
Rafa 12 Jun
From the Havelock Nth club , Deco tops the women's section . Yoku dekimashita !
terre battue 12 Jun
Arigatou! terre battue from Deco
Deco 17 Jun
I know Charlotte is very very proud!!
GrannyAnnie 11 Jun
Mike, fantastic match!! Just loved watching the match. So proud of you, well behaved ane you played soo amazingly well, both of you are a great combo! Xxxx
GrannyAnnie 11 Jun
I picked Halep but I'm delighted Jelena Ostapenko won the final. So many outright winners. What a breath of fresh air she is! Hope she'll be back to play in Auckland next January!
Cec 11 Jun
Hey Ump I can't see in the rules anywhere that there is double points for final round - if that is the case then why do those that picked Simona Halep not get double points too - ie. 2 bonus points as it was close.
Macron 11 Jun
Your tears at losing must have blinded you. It clearly states: "Double points will be awarded in the Finals. A losing pick earns 1 consolation point if the match is a nail biter (i.e. 5 sets for men, 3 sets for women)." Good try! :-D
virgcat 11 Jun
must have !! - double point in final - so double bonus points too I would have thought
Macron 11 Jun
And consolation points
Macron 11 Jun
Wow! Not a lot of points are going to be added to the totals if Stan the Man beats Rafa.
Genie 11 Jun
well done michael venus, great day for NZ tennis.
directorhsc 11 Jun
The golden bear is out, murray has put me in hibernation
Goldenbear 11 Jun
Can Stan "The Man" beat Raffa? Remember "Go The Pa " this is your last chance to "get some balls" No pressure!!
birddog 10 Jun
The Groups race is led by Go the Pa (presumably Gate Pa club in Tauranga?) but Macleans Tennis club in East Auckland are a close second. Better watch out Pa
The Ump 10 Jun
Pokeno Stan has a 1 pt lead over Bonjour after the Semis. Both have the favourites left for the finals so the King of Clay could be decided on sets guesses. But if either Halep and Nadal lose then the winner could come from way back.
The Ump 10 Jun
Nadal lose! And pigs can fly?
Macron 10 Jun
Going to need a little luck now.....
Pokeno Stan 10 Jun
I'm hoping by just picking the sets i might at least get a point out of nothing
beaver 10 Jun
Sorry Beaver - even a drop goal won't get you a point now but happy watching
The Ump 10 Jun
Is there an option to do a "no pick" now?? I thought if you snooker yourself you can't hold out and have your only option saved for the final?? See Pink Turtle... etc ???
Macron 10 Jun
Forgetting can be painful Emmanuel. It has always been possible to enter picks for later rounds and the Lucky Dip Maker excludes them - a little pain relief.
The Ump 10 Jun
Can anyone please tell me what the likes of Djokovic get out of bouncing the ball 12 times before serving?
Nancy Jenkins 9 Jun
Focus... and annoying the hell out of the opponent :-)
virgcat 9 Jun
and the spectators! Roger manages it with only 2 or 3 bounces.
Nancy Jenkins 9 Jun
You're asking this NOW he's done it all his career lol
Vixen 10 Jun
Looks like I'm in good company being snookered in the Women's final. I've never been that good at picking before!
Tessyjoy 9 Jun
Goldenbear and Pokeno Stan hit the front on 66 points. Can the bear stop Stan from bringing home the bacon!!
The Ump 9 Jun
Go The Pa keeping their noses in front. keep it up Who the hell is Belle !!! what a picker. I know who Killkenny is reads the herald during smoko to keep up with the play. Looking forward to that box of balls.
birddog 9 Jun
Hey Birddog - you have been playing like a master to keep the score up there. Belle is our long haired K...y - sadly she is snookered with the ladies. Killkenny you can do it. Great play team.
Genie 10 Jun
Hey Ump what happened to my pick in the mens quarters? Picked Warinka to win in 3, but was given a lucky dip instead Whats going on!!! Gremlins in the system
birddog 9 Jun
May have been your twitchy fingers Birddog. Log shows you updated men to zip at 3.24 tues. Just like with double faults, you got to put it behind you and refocus.
The Ump 9 Jun
O dear I'm snookered. Roll on Wimbledon. Good job Ump
beaver 9 Jun
Snookered! My worst run in the women's picking yet!
virgcat 9 Jun
Oh dear snooked in the ladies o well on Wimbledon
beaver 9 Jun
You go girl, Belle. What a champ. You still have some good picks ahead of you. Keep it up.
Genie 8 Jun
Thanks Genie
Belle 10 Jun
find ing myself totally snookered in womens,not goin to be a repeat of the aussie open for me, don't mind as we're getting some awesum tennis,
stevo 8 Jun
Oh no Stevo! Time for some more Otago Pinot Noir!! I was snookered in the Aussie Open so am really glad that I've still got options this time round. Loving the tennis. Thiem and Ostapenko on fire.
Lefty1 9 Jun
Hi Ump, I picked my semi in advance in the women's (Garcia) because I'm snookered on one side and I wanted to save my two favourites on the other side as ootions for the final. My pick has been taken away because she lost obviously, but can she be reinstated for me - I just want to block the spot to show I made a pick and so you don't give me a lucky dip :)
Shelley Beach 8 Jun
Ump's got the hanky out Shelley Beach - what a sob story! You need to lock in your semi and final picks to avoid the lucky dip. Come on - you can do it.
The Ump 8 Jun
Boo hoo you want special rules for you lol
Vixen 8 Jun
No I just wanted to know how I could do a no pick like Pink Turtle did. But its ok, I took Pliskova hoping she'd lose in 3 (to get 1 point at least) ...and to still leave an option for the final...#HopingforHalep, but Ostapenko's great isn't she!
Shelley Beach 9 Jun
I agree... great strategic play to save your points for the double allocation in the finals... but how to do a 'no pick'?? Share your secret Pink Turtle!
virgcat 9 Jun
No secrets in the King of Clay ;) To avoid a player being used as a lucky dip, just lock them in for a later round.
The Ump 9 Jun
So cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel, in the words of Blackadder.
virgcat 9 Jun
Lol I wonder if it would work picking all players from the final BACKWARDS to the first round 😂😂😂😂😂
Vixen 9 Jun
Pink Turtle leads after R5 with a perfect 8 wins. But what now Pink T? You've already picked 3 of the 4 women in the semis :(
The Ump 8 Jun
in the same boat ump. going for the means total though :)
Max54 8 Jun
Max54 8 Jun
The turtle is sad. But hopefully I'll stay on top :)
Pink Turtle 8 Jun
I am thinking that maybe I should not go to bed at night as I go when my pick is up and playing well and then I wake up to find they have lost.
Billy 7 Jun
Don't tell me you went to bed while Djokovic was in the tiebreak for the first set??
virgcat 7 Jun
No - fell asleep after the tie break and woke up at 5 love in the 3Rd.
Billy 8 Jun
Too little support, too late!!!
virgcat 8 Jun
just as well I am not really a Djokovic fan
Billy 8 Jun
I don't think even you could have saved Djokovic ! Awol
Macron 8 Jun
The rain and wind and delayed matches did not faze Mike Venus and his American buddy Ryan Harrison and they have won thru to the doubles semis. Great stuff guys.
The Ump 7 Jun
Go Mike!!!!
Billy 7 Jun
what an achievement Go boys!!
Macron 8 Jun
Forget everything you thought you knew about the 8 women left. None has won a grand slam before so the meltdowns could be catastrophic. Good picking.
The Ump 6 Jun
You were right there Mladovic....
Macron 8 Jun
Go Killkenny - you are a legend. Keep up the good work
Genie 6 Jun
I reckon the Cilic pickers should read the rules, the ump does a great job of running this. This is supposed to be fun tennis.
Liz Lemon 6 Jun
HI Yep agree : those that picked Cilic for 3 sets should get bonus point - the norm is to score the remaining games as 0. Bring it...
Croissant 6 Jun
Hey Ump Big mistake Cilic won in 3 therefore - those that said Cilic would win in 3 should get the bonus point!! C'mon mate
Macron 6 Jun
Nice try Macron but check the Nitty Gritty. Mens matches need to go more than 2 sets in order to get the sets bonus.
The Ump 6 Jun
well you cudl consider this for next tiem and change the rules - thats not quite right.. But I guess someone has to make the rules?? Hmm....
Macron 6 Jun
Killkenny and Mountain Panda share the lead after R4 on 50 points after Mikepat stumbled by picking one unseeded player too many.
The Ump 6 Jun
Stevo - great picks last night my friend! I should have taken advice from you!! Will be hard to catch you now!
Lefty1 5 Jun
Pleasantly surprised to see latest standings Lefty1.Improved performance must be due to a good dose of Hawkes Bay air and gr8 hospitality,not to mention the Otago Pinot N
stevo 5 Jun
Haha - we'll have to repeat that combo then!!
Lefty1 5 Jun
Just can't pick the mens games!! Now lost a womens Ump says the PAIN!!
VCC 5 Jun
Hey ump i think my chances are ruined I tried picking multiple times but the page crashed every time i pressed 'save my picks.' Now i've ended up with your gasquet pick and he's probably not gonna be in the next round!! that sucks if anyone else has had this issue let the ump know because i'm completely lost now and i would've been at the top of the mens after my khachanov pick updates!
Max54 5 Jun
That's tough Max but you might still get lucky (maybe) as losing pickers of delayed round 3 matches got a new lucky dip in R4.
The Ump 5 Jun
I'm in Mcleans group and enjoy the competion thanks Ump.
Kace 4 Jun
You just made Ump's day Kace. May your picking be brilliant.
The Ump 4 Jun
Hear hear, and thanks for the text reminder!
virgcat 4 Jun
Rain meant not all 3rd round matches have finished. But 4th round picks still need to be made by 9pm tonight Sunday. That could be tough!!!
The Ump 4 Jun
so is that still the deadline Ump?
Nancy Jenkins 4 Jun
Rafa 3 Jun
Feel so sad for Goffin.......... what happens to us who picked him for this round??
Rafa 3 Jun
It's a loss Rafa. Ump feels your pain!
The Ump 3 Jun
Ana KONJUH losing to a cannot be serious! C'mon!!
C'mon! 2 Jun
I think I spend too much time working and not enough time studying form
Billy 2 Jun
I think you could study the women's form until the cows come home and be no more accurate! It's a lottery!
virgcat 2 Jun
Great picking by Mikepat - solo leader on 28 pts after R2. Picks close 9pm tonight Friday for R3. Do it now as Friday is the top day for forgetting.
The Ump 2 Jun
Well i am on target picking with the Mens but the Ladies not so, few surprises. Queenie
Queenie 2 Jun
Come on lopez!!!!!
Max54 2 Jun
Good luck- but Lopez must have one of the lamest [sliciest 99%] backhands in professional tennis. C'mon!
C'mon! 2 Jun
He must have done something right cause he won!!
Max54 2 Jun
Lopez has an awesome serve... and volley...pretty ordinary forehand...but the top players will pick on that backhand for sure [C'mon!]
C'mon! 2 Jun
Hi Ump - How do you get rid of random people who have joined my group? No real instructions after pressing "manage my group" First time this has happened. cheers
Stag 31 May
Oh to be so popular Stag! And thanks for finding a bug. Have another look now.
The Ump 31 May
how did someone get more points than me for picking the same player.Timea Bacsinszky.
muncho 31 May
Crumbs Muncho. You've got to guess the number of sets to score a bonus.
The Ump 31 May
Is it just me or does have a problem that it's only displaying the top half of the singles draws in R2??
virgcat 31 May
Looks like a general problem. Best use the Ump's Quick Picker :-)
The Ump 31 May
You need to tap on " printable copy" and it will bring up the whole draw.
arky13 1 Jun
Yes or in the case of R2 I went back to R1 and then you could see all, but it's clearly a malfunction on their part. That's not how it's supposed to work. I'm surprised it's not yet been rectified. I vote takes over the R-G website next year!
virgcat 1 Jun
Just dreaming but imagine Ball Boy being the King of Clay. brilliant
Ball boy 31 May
It's all a gamble. Once again my "sure thing" failed me :-(
virgcat 31 May
Simona Helep😃
Rafa 30 May
I have no idea who is going to win the women's title.
F.1.nn 29 May
Kerber has been playing really badly lately I was expecting her to be knocked out early but was not thinking the 1st round what a surprise
F.1.nn 29 May
Shucks...yesterday I was coming 1st....should have quit while ahead !! Boo hoo..
virgo 29 May
Beaver(ups to the only one here to pick the womens Number 1 seeds demise) , how did you do that?
terre battue 29 May
Just in the know I guess !!! YeH right luck
beaver 30 May
Go go Marina. 2nd match on court 17 tonight
Ball boy 28 May
As of this moment I am coming 1st....whoop whoop.....savor the
virgo 28 May
Nah Virgo, I'm coming first - quitting now while I'm ahead!
Nancy Jenkins 28 May
Ha ! Never thought of quitting...even whilst way to stay 1st though....Bring it on !!
virgo 28 May
Umpire, i think the average doesn't work too well for big groups? It's hard when you get your club behind to have fun, when you have 35+ members in your group. I think, you need a minimum, to make a group and the average of your top say 10 members? Your thoughts?
Cheeky Darky 27 May
Hmmmm. But then a big group will always win. So how to give both small and large groups a chance? Any ideas?
The Ump 28 May
It's a tough one. I've been trying to push for big support to the competition since it started, even through FB. We've had great numbers, and have really enjoyed the banter amongst ourselves. Therefore we as a big group are disadvantaged, and will only compete for our group or just for the individual overall prize. If key organizers aren't pushing for the group, there would be less support. Will have a think, and see if there are any options. The only option for my big group is to break away to smaller groups, but i gather they may not want to drive it? But, I'm enjoying the tennis so far. Great to see kvitova back after her Robbery/surgery.
Cheeky Darky 28 May
Tks for your input and support Cheeky. The Group prize will stay at average scores this time but Ump plans a change for Wimby.
The Ump 3 Jun
Marina all the way!
Liz Lemon 27 May
the draw is up when do the picks go live?
directorhsc 27 May
Draw's should be up by 1pm. Ump's had a mare this morning!!!
The Ump 27 May
Rafa all the way....,.💪
Rafa 25 May
one things for ain't going to be Lleyton Hewitt [C'mon!].
C'mon! 24 May
Leyton who? C'mon Kyrgios
Ball boy 24 May
Pity the Feds taking a "kit kat" leaves it wide open for a wanabe to make his claim! Go The Pa !!!
birddog 23 May
Don't think this will be an easy game! At least four men in the mix now, and as for the women......... Going to need a bit of luck.
Nancy Jenkins 22 May
Welcome Pickers - old and new. Who will be the King of Clay for 2017?
The Ump 21 May
No prize for guessing my pick.
Real & fine athlete 22 May
Toi-mÍme ?
terre battue 29 May
After his 10th title Rafa, the ultimate
King of Clay, deserves a wee rest

Same outfits but Jelena the underdog
blasted 55 winners past Simona

Bye bye Andy. Did you find time to vote

Ostapenko has never won a WTA event
Is Roland Garros hers for the taking?

Novak searching for inspiration
He didn't find it

Go go Michael Venus - into dubs semis

Stan is looking good - really good
And no pyjama pants this year

Dare to pick Caroline Wozniacki?

David Goffin feels the pain
- along with 49 pickers!

Believe it or not this was Monfils going
for a backhand volley. Note the grip!

Still a long way to go but defending
champ Garbine is getting excited

Chasing shadows could be easier than
picking a winner in the Womens

The famous bicep inflicting pain already

Who will be the Women's champion?
Not Kerber. The No 1 seed is history

Andre Agassi arrives to coach Djokovic
Is smiling part of the shock therapy?

More than a necessity for the next 2 weeks

Show me the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)