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Vivre Venus and Bianca! Allez allez allez s'il vous plait!
Betc 6 Jun     
The 8 player Greendale Tennis Club have been in Warkworth's slipstream for a week but have finally pulled off a pass by picking 15 out of 16 winners in R4. Don't write of Warkworth as they picked 16 out of 18 and could emerge from the fog when least expected.
The Ump 6 Jun     
Gilly11 and Marcelo retain their lead after R4 and are now 4 points clear of the rest. Time to look ahead to the finals you two as the squeeze is coming :)
The Ump 6 Jun      1
Mike and Bianca won another nailbiter last night. 10-8 again in the super tiebreak. Now into the qtr finals.
The Ump 5 Jun     
Mike Venus is out of the doubles but he and Canadian Bianca Andresscu won a nailbiting 1st round mixed dubs match. Bianca has a Kiwi connection as she is coached by Christophe Lambert, the former Tennis NZ HP director. Mike and Bianca's victory celebration has launched them into the Caption Contest. Allez :)
The Ump 4 Jun     
My caption looks dumb when I re-read the instructions and it's supposed to be what they are saying themselves. Too late and no way to delete - oh well! It's not an easy one...
virgcat 4 Jun     
What caption virgcat? Let's pretend it never existed :)
The Ump 4 Jun      1
Merci beaucoup 🙏
virgcat 4 Jun     
5 sets to the Kiwis in the doubles. The mixed doubles are not included if that's what you're wondering SmashemNat??
The Ump 5 Jun     
How many sets have the kiwis won in doubles?
SmashemNat 5 Jun     
New leaders again after R3 - unseeded Gilly11 and Marcelo on 43 points.
Warkworth hang onto the Groups lead in a round where a lot of hopes crumbled.
The Ump 4 Jun      2
Rybakina forced to withdraw due to illness...
Jjdubbs 3 Jun     
how can Andrey R win the 2nd set 6-0 and then lose the next 3??
Red mist 3 Jun     
Oh the pain ;)
The Ump 3 Jun     
Tennis is a funny game and mental strength isn't easy.
SmashemNat 5 Jun     
Kiwiskier has tumbled off piste and Skywalker leads into the weekend.
The Ump 3 Jun     
Iím killing it this tournament! 4 picks and 4 losses 😂
Yablindref 2 Jun     
Yes I can UMP. We have been close before so we will stay focused this time!! TROY
TROY 2 Jun     
Kiwiskier is the 3rd different leader already in the King of Clay. Lots of black runs to negotiate yet before any apres ski fun :)
The Ump 2 Jun     
Warkworth TC take the Groups race lead. Can captain Troy keep the team focused?
The Ump 2 Jun     
Our 2 long name leaders had a short life at the top and Zakg takes the lead after day 4.
The Ump 1 Jun      1
Happy with my first round picks both winners. All the best to Michael Venus in first round doubles.
Queenie 31 May     
Picking Women's Winners Made Easy.
Study: Current ranking, recent past form, win/loss record, history on clay, performance under pressure, likely weather on the day. Identify the logical and statistical winner. Pick the other one.(*!*)*
Ad Alta 31 May      9
hahahah classic. Love it.
SmashemNat 31 May     
hahahah classic. Love it.
SmashemNat 31 May     
Considering that a record 14 women's seeds bit the dust in the first round, that's not such a bad way to go!
anotherkiwi 31 May     
So true ! All over the show and inconsistent - no logic at all to the form they show
Red mist 1 Jun     
2 mouthfuls lead on max points after the 3 day long round 1. For the record they are Roi de terre battu and Saruch De Bpinoza - both on 16 points. May your lead be as long as your names
The Ump 31 May      1
Royal Oak Rascals lead the Group scoreboard. A hot start by those rascals with 19 wins out of a possible 22.
The Ump 31 May     
Michael Venus plays his 1st round doubles tonight. Alert pickers will click that the guess for the number of doubles sets, that Kiwis will win in the whole tourney, are not due until Wed night. Is that going to help? yes/no/maybe/no idea :)
The Ump 30 May      1
Radu Albot won in 4 sets 2 days ago but itís not showing up in the scores. Did something happen that i havenít heard about or is it just an oversight? Fingers crossed Iíll get the credit. Thanks
kiki 30 May      2
Same thing happening with Korda
Jjdubbs 30 May     
And Tsitsipas + Avanesyan
Jjdubbs 30 May     
Your account is now in credit Kiki and you don't even need to shout coffee. The missing scores have been updated.
And thanks to those other alert pickers. Where would Ump be without you :)
The Ump 30 May     
Roi de terre battue scores two 8 pointers to make the best possible start.
The Ump 29 May      2
Caty McNally is out as well, replaced by Lucky Loser Camila Osorio.
anotherkiwi 29 May     
Also Ben Bonzi is replaced by Yannick Haffmann. The one picker who had Bonzi now gets Hanfmann. Nobody had picked McNally so no damage.
The Ump 29 May     
They should have picked McNally, because Osorio won!
anotherkiwi 30 May     
Results coming latish arvoÖ
The Ump 29 May      2
Anna Kalinskaya has withdrawn from the women's singles, replaced by Lucky Loser Erika Andreeva.
anotherkiwi 28 May     
Tks for the heads up anotherkiwi. The 6 who picked Kalinskaya now get Andreeva.
The Ump 28 May     
Iím not sure if itís just meÖ. but I saved my picks last night, but when I looked today they were not showing savedÖ.Iíve saved them a few times but each time when I look later they arenít showing.🤔
Cec 28 May     
Good to see you got it sorted Cec. As Rafa says 'a slow start means nothing over 5 sets.
The Ump 28 May      1
Yah yah yah. Itís tennis picking time !!!!
Billy 28 May     
looking at photos of Rafa"s past prizegivings,at least this year he'll save on dental bills
clevedoncleverclubby 27 May      1
I might want to bet on a qualifier if I was you. Seems to me that the rankings are the ones unqualified
aixtq 27 May     
Qualies finished overnight and the Draws will be loaded by lunchtime. Hold tight pickers - the action is not far off 😎
The Ump 27 May     
Well Ump, this is going to be interesting, I'm Casper fan but might gave to wait till next year. Carlos I think. Ladies well frankly haven't a clue!!!!!
beaver 27 May     
aixtq 27 May     
Great to be back - Iíve been looking forward to it. New players will make the competition interesting. Will miss Rafa though.
arky13 26 May     
Great to have you back Arky13. Just so you don't miss Rafa too much the background is a collage of his 14 wins.
The Ump 26 May      1
Great Rafa pic! Hard to imagine he's just played a shot, maybe just a celebration?
bobco 25 May      1
Both a shot and celebration - but not of the final point in beating Argentine Mariano Puerta in the final
The Ump 26 May     
Soo pleased to see you back . Our little group of women had to make our own competition for the last grand slam . It was good ,but not as good as yours . We play for bottles of wine so itís pretty serious stuff 😀
blins 23 May      3
You cannot be serious Blins! It's against the rules haha. So is it a bottle each and winner takes the lot?
The Ump 23 May     
Four of us play and the winner gets two bottles from each player, so six . Itís a great incentive to do well 🥂🍾🍾
blins 23 May      2
Hey Ump and Mrs Ump - so glad to see you back! After having the Aussi Open off I was afraid you'd come to like being relaxed. One last plea for a wooden spoon for the last player - have a real interest in that.Cheers!
Nancy Jenkins 23 May     
C'mon Nancy you can do better than the wooden spoon. Anyone else like a bottom of the heap prize??
The Ump 26 May      2
Just 8 signed up so far! If all goes well, i've got a real chance of finishing 8th this year! Hoooo harrrrr! :-)
IluvPetraslegs 23 May     
Finish in the top 10 and Ump's gonna find you a special prize :)
The Ump 23 May     
Welcome to the King of Clay picking game. For the regulars, it's been 8 months since the last game so are you fizzing to play?
Good picking :)
The Ump 21 May      3
Heck, I could've missed out on this. If there were notification emails, I didn't get one! Lucky I stopped by to check... Thrilled we're back!
virgcat 22 May     
Magique to have you back virgcat and youíre ahead of the game already - notifications going out today.
The Ump 23 May      1
At current signup rates, I was loving my chance of winning a prize... C'est la vie! 😄
virgcat 23 May     
Sloane Stephens loves the clay at RG
but lost a close one to Sabalenka

The back view of Thiago Seybold Wild's
blistering 150kmh forehand

Pain for Pegula and the 3rd seed's gone

Agony and ecstasy for Gael Monfils

Keep an eye on Mirra Andreeva
a 16 yr old in a big hurry

Benoit Paire took Cam Norrie to 5 sets
then said the balls were just rubbish

Maria Sakkari gutted that Muchova
has dumped her out early again

Rafael Nadal won his first French Open
title in 2005. Got rid of the pirate
pants and plundered 13 more.

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Good picking........The Ump :-)