The Legend of OZ 2022     


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Milford Tennis Club lead the Groups - amazing what a shiny new clubhouse does for club spirit :)
The Ump 19 Jan     
5 tied for the lead after round 1 on 15 points. Not a bad start - only about 40 failed to score a point :)
The Ump 19 Jan     
Another late withdrawal in the mens singles. Roman Safiullin replaced Casper Ruud. Roman lost but picked up $100k for his troubles
The Ump 19 Jan     
See I made my usual start👎👎👎👎
beaver 18 Jan     
Hey ump, I had ivashka and he withdrew. Do I get his lucky loser substitute too?
ishan2610 18 Jan      1
Thanks for heads up ishan2610. Yes Ivashka will get substituted too when Ump gets his a into g.
The Ump 18 Jan      1
Ivashka has been replaced by Damir Dzumhur - no mug and could give Andujar an early plane ticket.
The Ump 18 Jan     
Nope. Andujar won in straight sets.
anotherkiwi 19 Jan     
There were 2 late withdrawals in the Women's singles - Ons Jabeur and Saisai Zheng. A few had picked them and instead got their lucky loser substitutes - Nao Hibino or Irina Bara. Not so lucky as they both lost :(
The Ump 18 Jan     
Doubles sets pick not up yet ?
swanny1 18 Jan     
Try now swanny1. Results coming soon too...
The Ump 18 Jan      1
Auugh I didnt pick sets for my 1st round pics - does it matter?
ChrisDNZ 18 Jan     
Only in that you miss out on the 1 point bonus for getting the sets correct.
The Ump 18 Jan     
Phantasea 17 Jan     
Hey Ump, when can we put our Kiwi Doubles Guess in? Tough round 1 for (two of) the Kiwis...
bladedancer 17 Jan     
Tonight bladedancer. Tough as you say but at least you can count on 2 sets for sure for Kiwis :)
The Ump 17 Jan      1
Counting down to kick off. Get those picks in now or ride your luck with a lucky dip. 1st round choices can be mesmerizing but remember tip #1 - pick then forget about it.
The Ump 17 Jan     
Folks - this game is a bit of anonymous fun for Kiwi tennis fans. It is not a forum for politics in sport discussions. Please keep talk about Novak out of it - regardless of the outcome.
The Ump 16 Jan      10
Hi Ump. Canít open the womenís official draw?? Only your pics open. Menís is all good Cheers Vixen
Vixen 16 Jan     
Itís ok now 😝
Vixen 16 Jan      1
DRAWS are up - let the picking begin. If you pick SOMEONE who ends up not playing, and picking has closed, then you will get their substitute. Bring on the tennis. And good picking :)
The Ump 15 Jan      2
yes lets move away from the Djokovic family side show
Belinda 13 Jan      1
Bring on the Tennis!! As you said UMP too much talk.
KST 13 Jan      1
Welcome to the 2022 Legend of OZ. So much TALK. Can't wait for the TENNIS.
Good picking
The Ump 12 Jan      5
Is that a sigh of relief from Raducanu?

Karatsev went 5 hrs last night. Artem
hopes he's got gas left for the dubs

Aslan Karatsez - 2021 surpise singles
semi-finalist and Artem Sitak's dubs
partner. Shame they're playing
Marcus Daniell in R1.

Ump's ready. What about you!

Novak won in 2008,11,12,

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)