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Whoa what a match that was! How did Simone Halep get out of that match!!
Ducktales 20 Jan
Feel so sorry for Lauren. What a terrible time to have a toenail cone off... 3 match points 😭
virgcat 20 Jan
*come ofg
virgcat 20 Jan
*I'm giving up now
virgcat 20 Jan
Does anyone else besides me think the Aussi commentators (when we get them) are aweful!! Bring back Courier and McEnroe. Even our local GD Jones is lightyears better than they are.
Nancy Jenkins 20 Jan
The mangled player names they come up with...!! Still, adds a bit of humour to it all.
virgcat 20 Jan
But they've got no tennis knowledge much less player history and the accents.........
Nancy Jenkins 20 Jan
Harsh but fair 😁 ... much like my being called a Drongo by the Ump this morning. My player knowledge ain't what I thought it was, for sure.
virgcat 20 Jan
Yeah whatís with the UMP called me a drongo also Very rude 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 Lol
Vixen 20 Jan
I'm happy to be called a drongo - it's funny but less happy that Karlovic cost me 6 points by losing 9-7 in the fifth!! Probably he isn't too happy either!
Nancy Jenkins 20 Jan
I'm happy to be called a drongo - it's funny but less happy that Karlovic cost me 6 points by losing 9-7 in the fifth!! Probably he isn't too happy either!
Nancy Jenkins 20 Jan
Try listening to AO radio on the website while you watch. They're PDG
The Ump 20 Jan
Where is Fred Stolle he was the best
Vixen 20 Jan
Yes , I totally agree with you they are as hopeless as the Cricket team!!
Ducktales 20 Jan
my picks haven't updated from round 2....?
SuzieQ 19 Jan
Coming soon SuzieQ. Coffee machine broke and Ump can't function yet...
The Ump 19 Jan
Some really funny seeding on the ladies daw 🤣 not on UMPS picks but the full draw Vesnina and Wozniaki are both seeded 2 and 3 players with similar names are seeded 4 Strycova. Safarova and Svitolina lol
Vixen 18 Jan
And I was so confident this round with my well-researched picks... guess I may as well go back to stabbing at the draw with a pin.
virgcat 17 Jan
Kumkhum virgcat! No tears please - just yet
The Ump 18 Jan
Damir thought of it makes me wanna cry
virgcat 18 Jan
Dzumhur it makes me feel sad for you too.
hot enough 19 Jan
They must have had a sale on Pink this year!!
Ducktales 17 Jan
Good onya Mikepat - in sole 1st place after round 1 on 15 pts. Enjoy it while you can :-)
The Ump 17 Jan
Thanks. I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow to watch RAFA win another AO !!!
Mikepat 17 Jan
Mate, you're dreaming
Ball boy 19 Jan
Hi - does anyone know where you can buy a RF Cap in Melbourne? I've got a grandson over there who's desperate for one.
Nancy Jenkins 17 Jan
Buy online?
virgcat 17 Jan
thanks Virgcat - he so wanted to wear one in the stadium. Never mind, someone could have made a fortune selling them but there must be rules I guess.
Nancy Jenkins 19 Jan
Again, the womenís draw is like playing the lottery.. new names and everyone seems to beat everyone.
kiwitennis 17 Jan
I catch salmon it has a pink flesh
Fuzzy Balls 16 Jan
Pink is the latest trend now don't you know Mr Fuzzy!
Ducktales 16 Jan
No itís not pink it is more peachy coloured which is why everyone is calling the clothing SALMON 🤣🤣
Vixen 17 Jan
What's with this girly pink most of the men are wearing. I remember my sister getting a pink dolly for xmas and myself a blue toy racing car. Not very manly guys
Fuzzy Balls 16 Jan
Ahem... it's SALMON, Fuzzy
Kiwiskier 16 Jan
The seeds are tumbling. 6 women's seeds dumped already and the big serving Isner, Anderson and Sock are toasted in the men's. Just the usual day 1 carnage at the Aussie Open.
The Ump 15 Jan
After 2 days of rain in Melbourne, a power cut here yesterday and internet down today, the draws are now complete. Hope that's not an omen but the first grand slam of the year is ready to roll. Throw out the form guides - anybody could win this time. Good picking.
The Ump 14 Jan
Taken a screen shot showing 1st !! Yes !!
virgo 14 Jan
Sorry but ur not mate
18 & Retired 14 Jan
Attempting to Defend my crown from last year! I donít have the magic app this year😀
kiwitennis 14 Jan
And there's me thinking it was your superior tennis knowledge and insight that got you that far!
virgcat 14 Jan
Yes and a lot of luck!
kiwitennis 14 Jan
I should have quit while I was ahead, but it's too much fun!
Nancy Jenkins 14 Jan
Draws have now been loaded even though qualifying has been delayed by 2 days of rain in coolish Melbourne. Qualifiers names are not showing yet but at least you can start picking. Good luck
The Ump 14 Jan
Hi Ump - just wondering about the group rules. I am a terrible picker but still want to play the game without letting the group down. How about only the top half of the group members points count? Or didn't it used to be that the top 5 group pickers count only? Your thoughts... :)
Red Racquet 12 Jan
You may be a terrible picker Red Racquet but what happens when you eventually do well? It will happen and your mates would clobber you. Just ask the winner of the last Big Apple Picker. Nancy J was a long time loser but finally hooked the big one. Just follow Ump's golden rule - pick and forget.
The Ump 13 Jan
Hmmm ok let's see see how I get on this time. Not sure how newcomers to the game or those thinking about joining the game feel the way you do though lol. All best to the pickers - time to have some fun!
Red Racquet 13 Jan
Once a loser, always a loser in my opinion
I hate Djokovic 13 Jan
So you can pick em eh?
Red Racquet 14 Jan
And remember golden rule #2... stick to seeded players if you just want to be sure to accumulate points. Better than a red face to match that red racquet!
The Ump 14 Jan
Hi Ump, cant see my Group on the list in the drop down menu, is there an issue or am I simply not seeing it? Many Thanks
RF Fan 12 Jan
What's the group RFF? Not just having a 'man' look are you?
The Ump 13 Jan
Draws are up on the Aussie Open site. But qualifying doesn't finish until Saturday so it could be Sunday morning before picks can be entered. Meanwhile get behind Mike Venus in the ASB Classic dubs semis.
The Ump 12 Jan
birddog 9 Jan
birddog 9 Jan
He's great but Denis Shapovalov is my pic!
Ref 9 Jan
Maaate, you're dreaming
Ball boy 12 Jan
Hi did pretty well in the end! Watch out for him next year!
Ref 18 Jan
The ASB Men's Classic started today and that means the Aussie Open is less than a week away. Can anything top last year?
The Ump 8 Jan
Can Ashley Bartley go all the way?
Dare to dream Aussies!

Tennys Sandgren has a great name and
can play a bit - just ask Stan the man

Kumkhum tied Bencic in knots and
dented the hopes of 74 pickers

From champ to chump! ASB Classic
winner Bautista Agut gets the
chop in Melbourne

No more fairy tales for Stephens.
Sloane reflects on her 8th straight loss
since becoming US Open champion

OMG! I've just won the Aussie Open
Yes 2017 was fairy tale stuff

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)