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As always fun was had by a few at our club.. Trying to get others on board for the next one. Ka pai tou mahi nga UMP congratulations on another well run competition
VCC 5 Feb     
Thanks you as always Ump. Love this comp and the calculating considerations that go into it. See you all for the French. Muggy.
MUGGY 4 Feb     
Thanks Ump. Another great game....I played more poorly than usual and will have to up my game next time Roll on French Open
FedererForTheWin 3 Feb     
Wow 9th is my best result ever. Pity we didnt have enough Pukekura club players for a team. Looking forward to the next tournament which will no doubt humble me!
Tessyjoy 3 Feb      1
Prize winners...
Legend of OZ - Mighty Buck
Women's draw - TROY on a countback from Nettie
Men's draw - K1ranz
Lucky Draw - Bob
Top Group - Pakuranga Tennis Club
Caption - Red Mist
Winners send Ump a postal address
Thanks for playing everyone. Thanks to TennisNZ for prizes. Go well our girls at the Fed Cup. See you :)
The Ump 3 Feb      1
Thank you for the fun! Like many of the players, it wasn't the result I wanted, but I'm now focusing on the next competition :-D
virgcat 3 Feb     
Thanks Ump for another great competition! A poor result for me this time round but always lots of fun. Keep up the great work!
Bring it on 3 Feb     
Congratulations Mighty Buck - the 2020 Legend of OZ with a mighty 92 points.
More prizewinners soon...
The Ump 3 Feb      1
Ump, we had till 2:00 to make picks for womenís final, itís 1:30 and Iíve been entered Djokovic on a lucky dip meaning I canít get bonus points, Iím 1st equal on menís draw, please fix this
hotshots dropshots 2 Feb     
Should be Novak in 3 sets
hotshots dropshots 2 Feb     
Ump feels your pain Hotshots Dropshots. But women's final picks closed yesterday at 1pm as well. The only late close was Thurs for the semis. You also got a txt reminder today. Maybe a Thiem win will ease the pain...
The Ump 2 Feb      1
No text reminder for me ump and also none for 3 other players sitting around me... very disappointing.
hotshots dropshots 2 Feb     
Thanks to Sofia I am iin top 100 now. I will continue working hard towards becoming #1
1 Rafael nadal 2 Feb      1
Caption contest winner is Red Mist with "Don't even think about touching my drink bottles". Just 1 vote behind was Floo with "Is there only 1 miracle available at this tournament?".
Brilliant stuff - Ump has a can of balls for both of you. Email an address and thanks to everyone who had a go.
The Ump 1 Feb      4
Great stuff Red Mist! And thanks Ump! It seems Iím way better at thinking up captions than making player picks - my worst effort ever! Poor Muguruza was doomed as soon as I picked her! Could be the same fate for Djokovic!
Floo 2 Feb      1
Some small consolation for you Floo. Its a long long way down from being the 2016 Big Apple Picker to coming 452nd in this game. Watch out for the snakes down there ;)
The Ump 2 Feb      1
boys are 🔛
harryearl04 1 Feb      1
Dallington Seafood Centre reeled in a tonne of points on Dominic Thiem and now lead the Groups. But the bait bin's looking terribly empty for the women's final.
The Ump 1 Feb      2
Donít you worry my man, DALLINGTON have a nasty surprise cooking that will stun you all #cantseeDALLINGTONlosing
luke789 1 Feb     
A corn nugget perhaps
gordo 1 Feb      1
Carnage on the scoreboard after the semis and it looks like millions will be snookered in the women's draw. But Mighty Buck retains the lead and still has a keenin eye on the prize ;)
The Ump 1 Feb      2
Well it stumped on both women's anf mens ArRGH!! For the final @#%$
VCC 1 Feb     
Caption- never ever tell me not to wear a G while playing!!
chipncharge 31 Jan     
Caption : Umpire, why did you not give Dominic a code violation for hair abuse?
foggy 31 Jan      2
Caption: Oh No You DI-INT....
SpanKee 31 Jan     
That's it for me folks - snookered for both finals. Oh well, coming so far down it hardly matters. Thanks Ump been good fun while it lasted.
Nancy Jenkins 31 Jan     
My condolences. But you're way higher on the board than most of us! Until Roger let me down, I had winners for every round of the men's (correctly guessed sets, unseeded players etc) - and still I am way down in the snake pit. I just couldn't pick a winner on the women's draw - got it wrong almost everytime. I guess it is tougher for you former champions. But as Ump says 'no time for tears' (even if Rafa has gone from the draw).
Real & fine athlete 31 Jan     
Check again Nancy. Not quite snookered.
Love All 31 Jan     
C'mon - chin up Nancy Jenkins. Sounds like you have zero confidence in Zverev tonight :)
The Ump 31 Jan     
Caption: ssshh Dominic.. umpire said thiem talking is not allowed
chopperchowmein 31 Jan      5
Caption contest: Una cerveza por favor!!! And AO for Novak!!!
clayton 30 Jan      1
Looks like a lot of people are gonna be snookered for the womenís final. Myself included 😂😂😂
F1NN 30 Jan      3
The cat is well and truly among the pigeons 😂
virgcat 30 Jan      2
And me! It was supposed to be Barty v Halep, but they went AWOL at the wrong time.
anotherkiwi 31 Jan      1
Caption Contest: No no no! How dare you speak to me like that! I am the great Rafael Nadal, I am not allowed to lose. Fix it. NOW!
Phil10isAce 30 Jan      1
Caption Contest - Why is there no air conditioning on my chair. This is a grand slam. Stop giving me this rubbish when I'm about to lose to some random
Rafa_Jaw 30 Jan      3
Caption: Is there only 1 miracle available at this tournament?
Floo 30 Jan      9
Caption contest: Hello Umpire. My finger is REALLY sore. Will you kiss it better, please?
Real & fine athlete 30 Jan      1
Caption contest:
Hey Ump. What time do picks close for the next round?
The Ump 30 Jan      2
Finally, I got one right! Thank you Dom in 4 sets 👏
SuzieQ 30 Jan     
Caption. I have been working very very hard, well I played really well no, but it is tough, Uncle Tony says I can take a very very long time to serve , no
Billy 30 Jan      3
Caption: "No, No, Novak.....I am still number 1"
Aced It 30 Jan      3
Caption: "Ump - you donít understand, pink singlets are fashionable - alright"
Bourne to win 30 Jan      2
Caption Comment: I know I have one more challenge available
greatshot 30 Jan      1
Caption Contest : You said there is no i in team !?!
Love All 30 Jan     
Caption Comment "Hey ump if you keep starting the shot clock early you will have to smell my finger, and you know where that goes before every serve"
5-2 30 Jan      2
That's tops for me
Roxy 31 Jan      1
Caption Contest: "Don't even think about touching my drink bottles"
Red mist 30 Jan      10
Mighty Buck leads with 10 straight winners. Groups race sees a 3 way tie and a whole bunch just in behind. The race is far from over.
The Ump 30 Jan     
I picked Federer for quarters round. I saved my pick. Surprise surprise when I checked later Djokovicís name appeared in that box. Too late for me to correct. 😰
paua 29 Jan     
Might be the luckiest lucky dip ever when Fed beats Novak tonight :) Use Umps quick picker so there's no chance of not saving.
The Ump 30 Jan     
Been there and done that paua - I'm sure there are gremlins at work and we aren't on our own here either. At least you got given a winner, I got one who I think I could have beaten and I'm 83!!!!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Jan     
Can you please confirm prize list and prizes taHt are available Matty B
Matty B 28 Jan     
Have a look under the Check the Rules link on the My Picks page.
virgcat 28 Jan      1
Whoa Matty B!! That's mighty dangerous thinking. This game needs your full concentration. Just keep your eye on the ball and as Roger says 'believe in miracles'.
The Ump 29 Jan      2
A little bit cocksure Matty, is your middle name Serena?
1abraxas 29 Jan      3
Lesson learnt - don't wait until the morning to lock in your picks! Had stan and mugu lined up, forgot the deadline time and now I gotta pray for Thiem to beat Rafa... what a chopper!
chopperchowmein 28 Jan      4
Well I did pray pretty hard
chopperchowmein 30 Jan     
Mighty Buck is the new leader after round 4. MB has skipped a couple points clear of a bunch of new faces. Hope you're all now picking backwards from the finals ;)
The Ump 28 Jan     
Come on Stan the Man, so good to see you up their again.
Queenie 28 Jan      2
Love him or loathe him Kyrgios is an entertainer which makes the sport exciting, I'd rather watch Kyrgios than Boring ace machines with little or no rallies. I was lucky enough to be there live watching Kyrgios and the crowd are on their feet applauding yelling, all right into the match, also watched a Rhaonio match crowd were falling asleep. Keep it up Kyrgios the sport needs entertainers.
Fuzzy Balls 28 Jan      3
Don't care how I m doing here as long my Rafa is winning, I m happy. Vamos 💪💪💪
1 Rafael nadal 28 Jan      3
I'm with you 1 Rafael Nadal!
Bring it on 28 Jan      2
Yay! Go Rafa!
Real & fine athlete 28 Jan      1
Clever name! And there I was thinking I was the worlds biggest Rafa fan. I even named my dog after him
Rafan 28 Jan      2
Yeah same, Rafa all the way!!!
Rafa_Jaw 28 Jan      2
Good riddance of the bad rubbish
1 Rafael nadal 28 Jan      1
This game is brutal! Come in confident to do better than previous rounds...end up having my worst one yet...the joys of sport!
Phil10isAce 27 Jan      1
Mine too...Iím scared to pick as think Iím so good at picking losers 😆
SuzieQ 29 Jan      1
THOM BRYCE 26 Jan     
I had that a couple of years ago too. Make a screenshot of your confirmed picks is my advice 😉
virgcat 26 Jan     
Yeah Khachanov's "if only" would refer to : if only I had a tennis shirt on and not my PJ top I may have taken myself seriously. What a nightmare out fit!
Bourne to win 26 Jan      3
Ump's Snake Pit is a tad demoralising. My snake appears to be on a journey to the centre of the earth.
virgcat 26 Jan      4
Joint leaders - Captain Chris and PaleAle on 41 points after round 3. Groups race is too close to call with just fractions separating a big bunch. 4th round picking going to be head scratching stuff with some BIG gains possible :)
The Ump 26 Jan     
6 in just cant get the sets right
beaver 25 Jan     
Come on UMP you out of coffee again. I know both my last picks. Or rather lucky dips (because I ran out of time) have won but you havenít put menís results up You out playing tennis or something ??🤣🤣
Vixen 25 Jan      1
Going to see Rafa at rod laver today. Sooooo excited..... vamos Rafa 💪💪💪
1 Rafael nadal 25 Jan      1
Watching Rafa play live in an arena is so great. TV doesn't always do him justice. Great - enjoy!! He is truly a Real and Fine Athlete. Enjoy! (I'm sure you will).
Real & fine athlete 25 Jan      1
PaleAle grabs the lead mid way thru round 3 with a 6 pack of unseeded winners. Cheers
The Ump 25 Jan      2
Ninja clings on to the lead on 29 pts but is joined by 3 others. Overall picking is b good in the first slam of 2020.
Whitby Tennis Club lead the Groups race for a box of balls.
The Ump 24 Jan     
So who picked Ons Jabeur over Wozniacki then ?
Bourne to win 24 Jan     
Not entirely sure why but I did! Just had a feeling I guess
sutj 25 Jan      1
Inspired picking Bourne to Win. Dare you to take Riske in the next :)
The Ump 25 Jan      1
Not me. I almost did - but no points for almost picking! At least it was a nail-biter. Interesting how many punters picked Fucsovics for men's and Wozniaki for women's draw. So we were ok on one side of the draw.
Real & fine athlete 25 Jan     
That would be brave gamble. or just be giving away points.! Most likely...
Ad-out 25 Jan     
Hey my 2nd round picks have played and you havenít sent my results. Do you need caffeine
Vixen 24 Jan     
Coming soon as the double shot kicks in Vixen. Ump's guessing you had a couple of winners but don't get too excited - still a long way to go ;)
The Ump 24 Jan     
Dimitrov - OMG - no wonder he lost with that tracksuit as a distraction - no one needs to see that again
Bourne to win 23 Jan      2
Anyone know why Andy Murray isn't playing? I thought he was on the way back. And is Kei Nishikori injured?
Nancy Jenkins 23 Jan     
Bourne to win 23 Jan     
Hey Ump - there's goblins in the system - I picked Tennys Sandgren for my first pick - it came up on my screen and I confirmed it, then I find I got Evgeny Donskoy who I'd never have picked!!!! Any clues??? :-( they aren't even close on the Umpires quick picker so I can't have made a typo.
Nancy Jenkins 22 Jan     
Oh oh Nancy. Donskoy was a lucky dip as you had no pick saved for the men. C'est la vie or in Aussie terms 'bugger' :)
The Ump 22 Jan     
Hi Nancy I also definitely saved my first round pick but ended up with a different name. Luckily this one won his match.
Genie 22 Jan     
Lucky Genie - rub your oil on my shoulder please!
Nancy Jenkins 22 Jan      2
At least your second round pick has won for you - and me!
anotherkiwi 22 Jan      1
Ninja takes an early lead on 15 pts in the Legend of OZ stakes. But 8 matches still to be completed from round 1 so enjoy it while you can Ninja.
Get those 2nd round picks in by 1pm.
The Ump 22 Jan     
Leaving for Melbourne on Friday. Hoping to see Rafa
1 Rafael nadal 21 Jan     
2nd round by 1pm Wed? Whoa that's cutting it a bit fine 1st round matches still to complete!!
birddog 21 Jan      1
Still 8 first round matches to be completed today but 2nd round starts at 1pm so picks have to close at 1pm. Results coming very soon...
The Ump 22 Jan     
Got the first one in, not a bad start....but wait there's more.
beaver 20 Jan     
have always been a Venus fan, but thought CoCo might have her number. She's definitely got the goods.
stevo 20 Jan      1
Yay! On the board with my first result, even if I'm a point behind Rosy. Sadly, if past events are anything to go by, this will be my highest position in the competition!
anotherkiwi 20 Jan     
30 minutes until kick off. Get those picks in now or risk a Lucky Dip
The Ump 20 Jan     
Canít see me losing this. I know tennis like Nick Kyrgios knows restraint.
NewBalls 19 Jan      2
Draws are published - when are we picking?
NotPlaying 18 Jan      1
Try now Arkadin. Good to see you're keen. May your picks be golden but don't blame the Ump if they turn to custard.
The Ump 18 Jan     
Your Women's draw link defaults (excuse pun) to the Men's. Try this:!womens-singles
NotPlaying 18 Jan     
Thx for heads up Arkadin. May your picking be glorious :)
The Ump 18 Jan     
Rooting for RAFA but good luck everyone!
Rafa 18 Jan      2
Good to be back. Hope the air doesnít affect too many.
arky13 16 Jan      1
Got a few more things to consider - who gets asthma? The smokers might be in their element! it's their turn.
Bourne to win 16 Jan     
So glad to be back!
OnYaKyrgios 15 Jan     
Glad to be back and hope the Aussie air quality improves drastically for the players and spectators alike!
virgcat 15 Jan     
Guess I will try and defend 2017 crown!
kiwitennis 15 Jan     
Gidday the Ump...lookin' smart 👍
virgo 15 Jan     
Midday the Ump...lookin' smart 👍
virgo 15 Jan     
The Legend of OZ game is back and the Ump is ready. Are you?
The Ump 14 Jan      3
Go the Ump
Enigma 15 Jan     
Novak Djokovic - Aussie Open Legend
broke the heart of Dominic Thiem again
but confirmed the bets of 329 pickers

Sofia happier than the 149 snookered
No longer to be considered an outsider

Caption Contest
What's Rafa saying to the umpire?
Entries in the Commentary Box.
Most liked gets a prize
Voting closes 1pm Sat

Gotta feel for Tennys Sandgren - so close
And now come the nightmares

What do I have to do to beat that guy

Back to school for Coco

Khachanov had a case of the 'if onlys'

Ms Wozniacki has no challenges remaining
Caroline retires. Could others follow?

Andreas Seppi serves a mental verbal

Ump's pick of the day - Elena Rybakina
From 450 to top 30 in 2 years

Ultimate bird pooping for Dimitrov

Rain beautiful rain

Roger played no warm up events but
he's certainly got his eye on the ball

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)