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Thanks so much Ump and Mrs Ump You saved a lot of us living alone during Lockdown from insanity. I've never watched so much Slam tennis without feeling guilty! Definitely the best Slam ever. See you in January. Take care.
Nancy Jenkins 14 Sep     
Iím a first time player. Ended with 66 points. Happy me. I feel like a lucky lucky loser. Thank you Beaver for introducing me to this fabulous game. It made watching much more interesting.
kiki 13 Sep      2
Many thanks Ump. Really great fun. Hey folks - its quite fun to take a screen shot of your final roller coaster and final scores. Õt's a laugh to look back on later.
Real & fine athlete 13 Sep      1
Thanks Ump. Really appreciate your work. Lots of fun.
Billy 13 Sep      3
Hey Ump, another ton of fun...thanks a mil...dust myself off and see you next time.
virgo 13 Sep      2
Other winners...
Men's Draw - Rafa-Jaw with 51 pts
Women's Draw - Albe with 52 pts
Lucky Draw - Cunny drawn from all those who picked every round.
Caption contest - SundayGirl
That's it for 2021 Thanks for playing :)
The Ump 13 Sep      6
Do we email you our postal address?
Rafa_Jaw 13 Sep     
Winners - email Ump a postal address. But with level 4 it could be some time before prizes can be sent. Never mind - anticipation can be everything :)
The Ump 14 Sep      1
Top Group are the Grand Slam Aces yet again. Northcote Tennis Club actually had a better score but lost out when the sets guess bonuses were added.
Ump might be handicapping the Aces next time - or maybe swabbing ;)
The Ump 13 Sep      1
Congrats to Alexander Bublik - Big Apple Picker 2021.
AB finished 1 point behind Ninja but picked up 5pts for guessing the doubles sets.
The Ump 13 Sep      3
Thanks for the competition Ump . Was a fun way to pass through some of this lockdown and somehow I actually managed to win ! And everyone jump on the Bublik train haha. Best entertainer in tennis !
Alexander Bublik 13 Sep      1
I can't believe it! I thought I was all doom and gloom after almost all my women lost. However, I looked at the Mens scoreboard and I've realised I just won with 51 points. It goes to show that you should never give up with this game
Rafa_Jaw 13 Sep      2
Rafa would be proud of you!
FOULDS EH BOY 13 Sep      1
Congratulations Rafa_Jaw. I am sooooo pleased to see a Rafa somewhere in the winners circle. That's right - never give up. At the end of round 3 or 4 I was second to last. But two winners in the final (plus a few others) saw me rise to 260th. I was 254th last year - so that consistent. But in the 3rd year I was 8th. So I live in hope. Great game.
Real & fine athlete 13 Sep      1
Well deserved Med !
virgo 13 Sep      1
Yes it wasÖ..Itís the first time Iíve been pleased to see my pick lose!! Had to have Djokovic or Zverev as I picked Medvedev in the semiÖbut delighted to see him win the final.
Cec 13 Sep      1
Shocking !
virgo 13 Sep     
Why we love this game
FOULDS EH BOY 13 Sep     
Anyone pick Medvedev in 3?
FOULDS EH BOY 13 Sep     
Oh wow Ninja did! Silent but deadly
FOULDS EH BOY 13 Sep      1
I did! And it won me the mens draw
Rafa_Jaw 13 Sep      2
Racquet Smashers non deservers Grand Slam
stevo 13 Sep      2
Any junior behaving like that would expect disqualification, appalling example!
bobco 13 Sep      2
Here we go. Last match of the US Open 2021. Settle in pickers. Grab some bananas. This could take a while
The Ump 13 Sep     
I know Djokovic is amazing and yes it would be amazing to get the calendar slam but I just donít like him. Canít explain why but I just donít.
Billy 12 Sep      2
Ump could you please fix the typos
Billy 12 Sep     
No worries Billy but are you going to pick him???
The Ump 12 Sep      1
Had to. But itís a win win because I am really happy if he gets beaten or really happy to get the points if he wins
Billy 13 Sep     
Oops 2015...can't be 10yrs Beaver !
virgo 12 Sep     
Beaver how long have I been doing this Roller Coaster thingi with tennis ? You got me started but I can't remember when...8,9,10 yrs ?
virgo 12 Sep     
Albe leads by 2 from Chahu after the Raducanu fairytale. Albe also tops the Women's draw so is guaranteed a prize.
The Ump 12 Sep      1
New leaders in the Group's race. Marshland TC showing good form after being bogged down for a long time :)
The Ump 11 Sep     
I'm interested to know - how many in this game have taken part since it started in 2015? I recognise lots of names. Perhaps you could reply if you have.
Real & fine athlete 11 Sep      1
UMP will know. Some names have changed but I would recall you , beaver, stevo, Coleman ,SETPOINT , Top Seed , Pokeno Stan ,baxovic and tennisaward .A few missed I'm sure.
got the pip? 11 Sep     
Well RAFA this is the 23rd picking game and 32 of you crazy lot and have played every game. Another 28 have missed just one. 5 of the 32 have legendary status. Pretty amazing.
The Ump 12 Sep      2
Wow. Thanks Ump. Fascinating stats. That's why it feels like a reunion every time we get together.
Real & fine athlete 13 Sep     
Brave brave Ninja still leads after the Semis despite losing with Zverev. But the clock is ticking...
The Ump 11 Sep      1
Sure not one of my best picks with Gran slams this time. Been enjoying the outsiders of the 2 lovely teenage lasses.L Look forward to tomorrow final, lucky I did not snooker myself with ladies or Mens. I would like to see Novak get the Golden SLAM.
Queenie 11 Sep     
Groups race still being led by Northcote Tennis but itís close. Thereís drama to come and maybe some bonus Kiwi Doubles points could be critical.
The Ump 9 Sep     
So when are the doubles points being added in? I picked 9 sets, and I desperately need those 5 extra points!
anotherkiwi 9 Sep      1
The doubles bonus will be added after the finals but you can now see each pickers guess on the scoreboard. 55 pickers guessed correctly with 9 sets.
The Ump 9 Sep     
Ninja retains the lead after the Qtrs but what to do next! Not exactly snookered but definitely in a tight spot 🤔
The Ump 9 Sep     
Good/bad news for leader Ninja. Increases lead but now snookered in the Women's final. But the big lead cannot be written off - yet.
The Ump 10 Sep     
I've used 3 of the 4 semifinalist women - can I save my last pick for the finals?
icanpikem 9 Sep     
Me too! Fernandez and Raducanu were not supposed to get this far!
FOULDS EH BOY 9 Sep     
Exactly!! We missed on the double points!!
icanpikem 9 Sep      1
Yes but you need to lock the final in before the semi closes and Ump delightfully does the lucky dips 😉
The Ump 9 Sep      1
14 different female players have made the Semifinals of the Slams in 2021 Ė Osaka, Brady, Williams, Muchova, Krejcikova, Pavlyuchenkova, Sakkari, Zidansek, Barty, Pliskova, Kerber, Sabalenka, Raducanu, Fernandez.
FOULDS EH BOY 9 Sep      1
Bencic Blownup
stevo 9 Sep     
Radical Razamattaz Raducanu
stevo 9 Sep     
Hey Ump you said the mens quarters close tonight but half of them have been played?? I didn't want Lloyd Harris anyway.
Nancy Jenkins 8 Sep      1
Careful Nancy. Ump will start looking for the wooden spoon. You said you wanted to win it so look at this as just the Ump giving you a little help ;)
The Ump 8 Sep     
Agree times and dates not accurate. Said 9 pm Wednesday for men's quarters
captain chris 8 Sep     
What a battle it has been for the caption contest. Looks like its going to go right down to the wire between myself and SundayGirl! I wish you the best of luck :)
Rafa_Jaw 8 Sep     
☕️☕️☕️☕️ you badly need these coffees ump You said in my email pick by 9 pm tonight Thursday and itís Wednesday 🤣🤣🤣
Vixen 8 Sep     
And it says Friday on the my picks page... Too much coffee?!
chopperchowmein 8 Sep     
Bad bad Ump! Been a distracting day or 2. Women's semis close Thursday night and the men on Friday.
The Ump 8 Sep     
Hey Ump - When does the caption contest end?
Slice for Spice 7 Sep     
Good point SFS. Saturday night will be the close for voting. So many entries to troll through - might need to rearrange them to give all a chance.
The Ump 8 Sep     
Ninja takes a 1 point lead after R4 from Seb. Qtr finals next but make sure to look ahead so you don't get snookered!
The Ump 7 Sep     
Didn't I mention, I got tired of winning so this year I'm competing for the wooden spoon against Nancy Jenkins? Sparkle.
Sparkle 7 Sep     
UMP, as a was completing a SWAT analysis of my performance that finds me ranked at 602 on the scoreboard, I was surprised to see Wizard of Wimby 2014, Sparkle, languishing below me at 612. To your knowledge, has any previous chumpion ever plunged to such a depth. And realistically, is there any real prospect of a way back to the TOP for him? (*!*)
abaddon1 7 Sep     
Brutal lol! This game is harder than tennis! I cant seem to pick women's winners :(
Phil10isAce 7 Sep     
Hmmm, thinking about I may have been a bit harsh, and it its not all bad news. Sparkle could become the first competitor to complete a unique double, holding both a Winners Trophy and the Wooden Spoon. (*!*)
abaddon1 7 Sep      1
so how many sets has NZ won in the doubles?
Mincing 7 Sep     
Looks like 9 sets to Kiwis. Anybody want to second that!
The Ump 7 Sep      6
Gabine is right. Watch Babora during the quarter and semis Wimbledon..disruptive 1st serve surprise to me this complaint by Mugruza.
virgo 6 Sep      1
Not sorry to see Babora beaten today. Felt really bad for Gabine
icanpikem 8 Sep      1
Hey Ump do we have a wooden spoon for the last contestant?. Am very interested in this being a very likely winner.
Nancy Jenkins 5 Sep     
Nancy Jenkins - I was about to ask the same thing. But I am much closer to that honour than even you. I am currently second to last. I think you have been playing since the very beginning. Do you remember the time when the second to last person won a prize? I wonder that could be re-instigated.
Real & fine athlete 7 Sep     
Oh Real And Fine Athlete - are you missing Rafa? And Ump doesn't recall a 2nd to last prize but nice try :)
The Ump 7 Sep      1
Hey Athlete - no I can't remember but I tell you I had my best womans score when I forgot to pick and the Ump did it for me. Maybe there's a message in that?
Nancy Jenkins 8 Sep      1
Yeh - just not the same without Rafa (and Roger too).
Real & fine athlete 11 Sep     
4 way tie at the top after round 3 as Setpoint joins the leaders.
Northcote Tennis jump a couple of points clear in the Groups race.
Now for the 2nd week. No way there will be so many 5 setters again - surely???
The Ump 5 Sep     
Impressive! Someoneís doing something right in Tennis Canada. Four Canucks still in the singles at this point. Think the lumberjacks are winning in the nations stake at this point.
Cels 5 Sep      1
Has anyone noticed how many qualifiers have come through? If you think that picking someone who is playing a qualifier is easy pickings, think again!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep      3
Round 2 leaders are Hen, Seb and past winner Mighty Buck. Long long way to go - best take a screenshot now and frame it :)
The Ump 3 Sep      1
Keep it up Hen and Mighty Buck! Your carrying our group big time😎
Tweener Dreamer 3 Sep      1
can you get rid of someone in your group who isnt playing?
cwb 3 Sep     
Go to Groups and then Manage group. There is a Remove option.
The Ump 3 Sep     
there doesn't seem to be an option to remove someone....
cwb 3 Sep     
can you do it for me?
cwb 4 Sep     
Does winning a match in deciding set by Walkover count as a set won?
1st Serve 3 Sep     
So long as the set has started then yes it will count as a set for the Doubles bonus. The Kiwis have got 5 sets after the 1st round.
The Ump 3 Sep     
Freezing rain at Flushing Meadows according to 'our man on the spot'. Many matches postponed until tomorrow.
The Ump 2 Sep     
No Kiwis in the doubles today so the deadline for Sets guesses is extended until 9pm tonight (Thurs). Should you rethink it? Yes/no/maybe/no way!!
The Ump 2 Sep     
Has anyone found a way to actually watch decent TV coverage? ESPN is bad enough with endless ads, but when the b...... ockers hijack the feed it's just all about them. Like this morning we were just stuck out on court 5 watching Popyrin. Not good enough SKY!
bobco 2 Sep      3
18 & Retired 2 Sep     
if u take 2 mins to get rid of all the pop up ads you can watch whoever
18 & Retired 2 Sep     
Usually we get 2 channels so not sure what is going on.
Billy 2 Sep     
Can we please get Tennis NZ to give Sky TV a huge kick up the backside for the worst coverage ever? At least there's no more Oz players alive, hopefully we can get normal cover from now. Unless of course we have to watch the amazing Oz in a wheelchair next week.
bobco 5 Sep     
Tennis NZ has suggested and another is The first one is easy to connect , free, if you have Sky Sport. Iíve been able to watch any court so have seen our doubles players as well as main matches.
Cec 4 Sep     
Being Aussie I backed two Aussies in Round1 but no joy. One Aussie left in Singles. That is Popyrin he is a sure thing in Round2 v Dimitrov
Adam_H 1 Sep     
oh we also have Thompson in round2
Adam_H 1 Sep     
Did you also forget 2 women?
got the pip? 1 Sep     
Northcote at the top and bottom of the Groups scoreboard. The Tennis club leading and the Book club in 54th. Funny that ;)
The Ump 1 Sep     
Well done to you all!!
GrannyAnnie 2 Sep     
Apologies if someone has already asked this. Best of how many sets for the doubles? Five sets for the men, three sets for the women?
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep     
It says it right by where you enter your guess... 3 sets :-)
virgcat 1 Sep      1
Thanks - it's three sets for both men and women's. I can see that now I'm on a computer. That wasn't clear when I accessed on my phone.
Real & fine athlete 1 Sep      1
Results PLEASE. I need to pick for next round ☕️☕️
Vixen 1 Sep     
Settle down Vixen. You've got hours and hours to go yet. And remember to guess the SETS that will be won by Kiwis. Entries for that close tonight.
The Ump 1 Sep     
I REFUSE to pick Fucsovics ever again! He squanders 5 match points and loses in the 5th set tie break (15-13).
Slice for Spice 1 Sep     
Iím with you - never again!
Bring it on 1 Sep     
He won for me at Wimbledon, but I left him alone today. Whew!
anotherkiwi 1 Sep     
By the way - very nice addition of the Ump's Draw for picking players! Thanks Ump!
Yellow Babolat Dude 31 Aug      1
It is how I have always picked it? What was new?
Phil10isAce 1 Sep      1
Just a subtle name change. Previously it was called Umps Quick Picker but that apparently made some think it was like a lucky dip :)
The Ump 1 Sep     
Long time player Old trout knows a few tricks and has hooked two 8 pointers to lead after the 1st day. Impressive!
The Ump 31 Aug      1
Getting really tired of your antics, Kyrgios.
FOULDS EH BOY 31 Aug     
That's what makes him such a joy to watch! Yes, it's sad watching him act inappropriately...but often when he gets angry - That's what fuels him to play his best tennis!
Slice for Spice 31 Aug     
Id hate to be playing him, he's so distracting. He has so much talent he doesn't need to perform like a circus monkey.I've given him three more chances, no more!
Nancy Jenkins 4 Sep     
Thanks Ump. Go Minnen!
MUGGY 31 Aug     
I picked Ostapenko and she has now withdrawn. Do I get another pick?
MUGGY 31 Aug     
You may feel like you have been mugged Muggy but there were several last minute pull outs. They have been replaced by Lucky Losers from qualifying so you get Ostapenko's replacement. Look on the bright side - Jelena was probably not fit to play anyway :)
The Ump 31 Aug     
Here are the late replacements..
Voegele for Brady
Minnen for Ostapenko
Rakhimova for Konta
Sugita for Tsonga
The Ump 31 Aug     
Not sure what's happened, I must've been too late to enter picks... it only let me save them to the round 2 spot... (Struff and Sorana)...
Shelley Beach 31 Aug     
Too much time at the Beach Shelley?? You were too late to pick and got lucky dips. But could be your lucky day anyway :)
The Ump 31 Aug      1
647 in the game. That's a record. Awesome stuff pickers. And good luck with your picks for the next 2 weeks. One of you will be the Big Apple Picker.
The Ump 30 Aug      2
yes three Kiwi in the US Open per this link if you search by country
Alec_trees 30 Aug     
how do we know how many Kiwi are in the doubles draw? can you give us that info to save time. tks
Alec_trees 29 Aug     
Looks like 3 Kiwis playing dubs but that will be confirmed when the doubles draws have been made. Mike Venus, Marcus Daniell and Erin Routliffe. For this comp, Kiwi is defined by their declared Country on the ATP or WTA sites.
The Ump 29 Aug      2
Phew I thought someone had the jump on us....that coffee must be magic 🥂🍾
virgo 29 Aug     
How come the person at the top of the draw has points?? ☕️☕️☕️. Hereís some coffee for you 🤣
Vixen 29 Aug     
Thanks for the triple shot Vixen. Just what was needed to fix that gremlin ;)
The Ump 29 Aug     
where are we meant to select how many sets we reckon the kiwis are gonna get?
18 & Retired 28 Aug     
Waiting on the Doubles draws to be made so you know exactly who is playing. Hopefully tomorrow and then there will be a spot to enter your guess. Doubles starts Wed night so still plenty of time
The Ump 29 Aug     
Draws are loaded, Caption contest is live, heads are being scratched.
Good picking :)
The Ump 28 Aug     
Sat 8am. Final qualifying matches are in progress and then the full draws will become available. Probably early afternoon before picks can be entered. In the meantime take it easy 😎
The Ump 28 Aug     
This going to be an interesting tournament, the Next Gen get lots of chances. I have my favs but we will see. Stay safe everyone, keep the masks on.
beaver 26 Aug     
Great timing Ump - Won't fee; guilty about being glued to the telly - nothing else to do. You and Mrs Ump stay safe.
Nancy Jenkins 26 Aug     
Here we go again, another rollercoaster!
virgo 25 Aug     
Have a good munch on the Big Apple Picker game. Just the thing for a lockdown snack. Good picking
The Ump 25 Aug      1
No stopping Medvedev in the Men's
A new era has officially begun

Qualifier to Queen - Emma Raducanu
10 matches - not even a dropped set
That's a mere $US125,000 per set!

These shoes won a gut busting 53 shot
rally over Novak but the volley board
eventually ground Alex down

Magical play from Leylah and Emma

Great to see a South African in the Qtrs
Bet Harris can kick goals as well but
there was no kicking Zverev's butt

Elina Svitolina flattened the ball but
couldn't flatten Fernandez

Jenson Brooksby gave it a good shout

Juan Carlos Ferrero - coach of Alcaraz
Thinks "I've got a good one here"

Shelby Rogers spoilt the Barty party

Great start for Erin Routliffe in the dubs
That's 2 sets to Kiwis & now 5 in total

The crowd are all vaccinated but only
about 50% of the players
Garbine is taking no chances

Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune - surprised
himself in taking a set off Djokovic

Shadow tennis - the norm for Covid?

Jannik Sinner - one of many happy
faces on the practice courts. Perhaps
ready for a big fortnight?
or a big haircut!

Season ticket holder gets in early

Super proud of our guys

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)