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Hey Ump and Mrs Ump - don't think clay's my surface but great fun as always - thanks heaps for all the work you put in. Will be away for the Wizard but hoping my trusty phone and the time difference will still let me compete.
Nancy Jenkins 12 Jun
Thanks as always for your firm but fair umpiring. Can't wait for the Wizard of Wimby/Wimbly/Whatever it is this year!
virgcat 11 Jun
Thank you Ump. love your encouraging comments, i may not have done as well as Aussie Open, but happy picked the final winners of Halep and Nadal. Look forwARD TO Wimbledon.Queenie
Queenie 11 Jun
Beaver is the Lucky Draw prize winner. Beaver was dead last after round 1 but importantly didn't miss a pick and gets the last laugh and a surprise in the mail.
The Ump 11 Jun
Bobco wins the Men's draw towel with 51 points from Next Shapovalov on 50. Bobco was the 2016 King of Clay and loves the stuff obviously
The Ump 11 Jun
Great game as usual ump, thanks so much.
Billy 11 Jun
HI Ump...wobbly distracted start from me...lots of fun....bring it on again !!
virgo 11 Jun
Hey where did this smashed it group come from... it seems they only joined the party after it had finished to create a team with an amazing average.
Dirtballer 11 Jun
Good dirt Dirtballer!! Looks like Smash It is a last minute rehash of the Your Shout group in order to snatch the carton of balls. But the Grand Slam TIU (Tennis Integrity Unit) are onto them and a massive penalty is in the wind.
The Ump 11 Jun
Snitches get stitches... sorry team please don't shank me
Dirtballer 11 Jun
Thanks Ump, as always a well run comp. Look forward to the next one which I guess will be Wimbledon?
Tommo 11 Jun
Congratulations Coleman. 2018 King of Clay with a whopping 98 points and the only one to pick 14 winners. The French Open players towel is yours buddy.
The Ump 11 Jun
Awesome result Cole man.... some outstanding picking. The winners prize on clay comes to the same house hold again this year. Iíve lost my bragging rights...!!!!
Pokeno Stan 11 Jun
Yes!! What is the highest any one has gotten before ump?
Coleman 11 Jun
Thanks Ump as usual a fun comp. Will miss Wimbledon but will be back for Us Open.
beaver 11 Jun
Coleman superb, congrats, the only one to not get a pick wrong i believe.
bobco 11 Jun
Done ✅ are you able to delete this person?
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Double shot it is
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Pretty please help Ump 😂
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Cut that out Goldenbear. The magic word is 'double shot on me'
The Ump 10 Jun
When I go to ďmanage my groupĒ it does not allow me to delete. It only allows send message 🤔
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Please help to delete this glory seeker as dont know them and they are not helping my team :)
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Someone joined my group on final day how do I delete them?
Goldenbear 10 Jun
Whats the magic word goldenbear :)
The Ump 10 Jun
yes i was one of the 312 pickers to get it right and win 12 points on Halep. Queenie.
Queenie 10 Jun
Interesting how linesman signals in, chairperson looks at the actual physical mark and confirms ball in, yet hawkeye shows up as out, is Hawkeye as accurate as we are led to believe, Federer and others have always doubted hawkeyes accuracy.
Fuzzy Balls 10 Jun
Simona Halep did the business at last and so did her 321 pickers. The 56 Stephens supporters at least get a consolation point but not so the 59 sadly snookered.
Coleman still leads overall but the winner of the Women's draw prize is Hellgee by a single point.
The Ump 10 Jun
So tight. If she'd done it in 2, winkles gets it by 1. Well done Hellgee
bobco 10 Jun
Off to play with Northland Tennis Seniors today but wanted to wish Coleman all the best for tonight ... Surely Rafa cant win forever can he ???
serve n volley 10 Jun
Thank you
Coleman 11 Jun
Hi Ump, Iíve been told I forgot to pick....but I did not forget. I picked THIEM to win his semi, leaving me Nadal to win the final!! Unfortunately I didnít take a screen shot this time so canít prove it, but both Saved Successfully signs came up when I pressed Save my picks as I picked Haley as well...but to make sure I saved her as well! Iím not worried as this time I am well down the list...but I expected my points for Dominic , even tho I thought 4 sets! Cheers😀
Cec 9 Jun
My points will be correct, and I will now pick Dom for the final, would like to see him win anyway....but wondered if the same thing of not picking up the SAVED part has happened to anyone else! (Amazing 2nd set tiebreak Dimmwon last night!)
Cec 9 Jun
Oh Cec. Watching Roland Garros live for half the night could be the cause!! Try using Ump's Quick Picker to guarantee no hiccups.
The Ump 10 Jun
Thanks Ump! No problem, and yes Iíve found the quick picker really helpful. Enjoyable Womenís final overnight, pleased for Simona.
Cec 10 Jun
My money is on 'serve n volley' to come out tops with Thiem and Halep. Go Thiem.
Duh (*!*) 9 Jun
Coleman still looking strong in the lead but Serve n volley has Thiem on his side.
The Ump 9 Jun
Quelle horreurs!
Aussie 8 Jun
Is this right Ump? Are Takapuna Beachcombers group really last? Aussie
Aussie 8 Jun
Yes stone motherless last Aussie. Time they got off the beach and back on court ;)
The Ump 8 Jun
Is it too late for me to switch to another thiem??
Duh (*!*) 9 Jun
Don't whinge Taka's - I did my bit for you all in the Big Apple Picker. Time for someone else to step up!!
Nancy Jenkins 9 Jun
Wouldnít it be funny if Del Potro beat Nadal in the semi.
Billy 8 Jun
Hi Ump,do you plan to do Wimbledon as well?
Ducktales 7 Jun
cmon ump. I need to get revenge and I'm a gun on grass
Ball boy 7 Jun
Women's Quarter Final Matches Shriekers/Screamers Competition. Results just to hand. 1st, with an average 105dB per rally goes to, ... Sharapova. 2nd. Halep 3rd=.Muguruza and Kerber. Winner of the Screeeeam of the Day. Sharapova with an outstanding 118dB held for a full 5.5 seconds. Men's Grunters/Groaners Comp. Still awaiting votes to be tallied. Any suggestions from the fans?
Duh (*!*) 7 Jun
Hey Duh, you left Serena out of that competition. She screams like a wounded animal, it's truly blood curdling.
Nancy Jenkins 9 Jun
How do I see my group? Or who's in my group? have tried scoreboard & then filter.
Black Assasin 7 Jun
Does this mean you think you might be going well?? Log in and then go to Scoreboard and you should see a filter on King of Clay scoreboard. If you are a group owner then go to Groups and look for the 'manage my group' link.
The Ump 7 Jun
Just double checking that picks for the menís semifinal will not be needed by 9 pm tonight.
Billy 7 Jun
Good spotting Billy. Men's Semis pick will close Friday night.
The Ump 7 Jun
Novak dented the hopes of 125 pickers last night but Keys kept 137 pickers happy, including game leader Coleman whose banking on Del Potro tonight.
The Ump 6 Jun
Cecchinato unbelievable against Djokovic so should be a great match between him and Theim
P J 6 Jun
Don't think much of the Roland Garros website in terms of functionality compared with some of the other grand slams. And today they have forgotten to post the order of play on that page (still showing Monday's) although Tuesday's does exist, since I found it via a link on the preview quarter-final day page. Mon Dieu!
virgcat 5 Jun
Ump's with you virgcat. The RG site is a shambles and doesn't even have a search - but google can unearth the hidden pages. Even the phone App is tragic. :(
The Ump 6 Jun
Would be nice to have some additional detail when you click through to the match from Live Scores too... vraiment tragique!
virgcat 6 Jun
Z verve vs Thiem. Whose picking who. Gut feeling is Thiem but this has to be the menís ,at h of the tourney so far
cull16 5 Jun
Argh..... what are these ladies doing to me! Conspiracy against me. Haven't won a single player on female side so far
Rafa 5 Jun
Hi Ump... I think your date picker has gone haywire. In the My Picks screen it says "Picks close 9pm Tue 23 Jan". Just FYI :-)
virgcat 5 Jun
Ha ha. Don't know whether that's very late or very early!
The Ump 5 Jun
Coleman is the new leader of the King of Clay. What's your game like under pressure Coleman?
The Ump 5 Jun
very bad but hopefully don't choke and hold onto the lead with three rounds to go
Coleman 5 Jun
So what happens now if you picked serena to win?
18 & Retired 5 Jun
Just pick someone else R18. You're not snookered already are you!
The Ump 5 Jun
No that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying what happens if u picked SERENA WILLIAMS to BEAT MARIA SHARAPOVA except she WITHDREW,do I just have to take the 0 points??
18 & Retired 5 Jun
You and 29 others got to take it on the chin 18&R. But chin up - you're 7th in the race for the mens draw prize
The Ump 5 Jun
And should be 4th in the whole thing:/
18 & Retired 5 Jun
Hey ump, my womens picks are being changed every round. They are not what I have picked. The mens picks are fine, they are what I have picked. What's going on? Roscoe
Roscoe 4 Jun
That's no good Roscoe tho your winning 50% with the lucky dips! How are you saving? Are you using Umps Quick Picker?
The Ump 4 Jun
Are you saving 2x i.e. once for men's pick and once for women's? (Just a thought...)
virgcat 4 Jun
The World Health Organisation advises "Hearing loss may result from exposure to excessive noise". If you are going to the Williams V Shriekapova match... you have been warned. +!+ ..
Duh (*!*) 3 Jun
Terre Battue - what an apt name for the new leader in the King of Clay. In the Group's race Your Shout have a good lead. Keep it up guys - Ump likes a shout too.
The Ump 3 Jun
Love the young guns taking it to the seeds upsets the picking game What the hell!! Makes things very interesting
birddog 2 Jun
Rain stopped play last night but not before Pablo Carreno BUSTA the great run of leader BeezKneez. Mattc123 and the Rhino take over - for now??
The Ump 2 Jun
Can someone give me a some earmuffs for all the screaming ha.
Ducktales 1 Jun
Is anyone else besides me totally fed up with the 12 - 16 bounces of the ball by some of the players?? How refreshing is it to watch the likes of Denis and Rodger's business like 3 or 4 bounces then hit. Also a big fan of Nadal's but rapidly going off all the picking and plucking that goes on before each first serve then repeated again for the second.
Nancy Jenkins 1 Jun
BeezKneez buzzes out to a 3 point lead after rnd 2. However you're doing it, keep doing it BK.
The Ump 1 Jun
Loving the French Open action. Good to see Serena back. Wish Maria could hit without shrieking. Isn't Jeremy Chardy gorgeous - he should be a film star*
SuzieQ 31 May
Shame to see two ASB Favs,Venus and Dave F GONE!! So soon.
stevo 30 May
Who cares about Venus anyway??
Ducktales 1 Jun
It's time for a new breed Stevo! How are you going? Magnifique down here in the Bay!
Ooh la la 3 Jun
Ooh la la, what a flash new nom de plume, hope this flashness has carried over to your picking ability.I must check scoreboard.
stevo 3 Jun
stevo 30 May
Yes indeed but Serena's Tortured animal screaming is just as bad.
Nancy Jenkins 1 Jun
Find the mute button Stevo!
Ooh la la 3 Jun
Still a few 1st round matches to be completed but 2nd round picks can't wait. Mkaes for less choices but that's not a bad thing. Good picking
The Ump 30 May
Right there with you Duh !
virgo 30 May
I may be 386= but I've some great company. Three previous legends.I had the misfortune to flick on Match of the Day to hear Shreekapova breaking new decibel records. The recidivist screamers and grunters are blight on tennis.Thank god for the remote mute!
Duh (*!*) 30 May
Perfect picking by BeezKneez who leads on max points after day 2. Still one night of 1st round singles matches to go and Kiwi boys also both on court tonight in doubles.
The Ump 29 May
What email do we use to pick again?
Wallaby 28 May
The Ump 28 May
Weird...I thought I picked Cuevas first up...?? Curious....
virgo 28 May
'Cuevaser and cuevaser' wondered Alice. (Its pabloly her not good English)
terre battue 28 May
After a couple of double shots Ump has decided that anybody who picked one of the 5 late scratchings can pick the 1st round again. You need to email your new pick by 8pm tonight and of course it can't be anyone who has already played. The players scratched were Dolgopolov, Lu, Kyrgios, Troicki and Bacsinsky. Otherwise you just get the Lucky Loser who was the replacement in the draw. Happy days!
The Ump 28 May
Whats the story with late withdrawals? Our pick should get voided and we should be aloud to re-pick
1st Serve 28 May
Looks like several players were late withdrawals - dammit. Ump is going to fine them mega bucks but that won't help their poor pickers. What to do??? Wait and see
The Ump 28 May
UMP, who are you going to replace BACSINSZKY for those of us who picked her?. looks like she withdrew at the last minute? you are still showing her in your womens picks? thanks, TROY
TROY 28 May
There are several last minute withdrawals so they will be replaced by Lucky Losers from Qualifying - soon. Ump's a bit distracted on a Monday morning
The Ump 28 May
Popular are Ferrer and Khachanov in Mens section. Bencic and van UytVanck in Womens. No seeds in their way!
terre battue 27 May
Does anyone think Serena is ready for this Grand Slam??
Ducktales 27 May
A half ready Serena is still dangerous and by the 2nd week she would be a nightmare for the seeds
Ball boy 27 May
Best time of the year... the day before the main draw starts
Rafa06 26 May
Anyone else having issues with the link to the mens and womens draws not working?
Wallaby 26 May
Seems okay except the link to the Women's draw auto switches to the Men's but that's a French Open site peculiarity. By the way Wallaby - Kyrgios or Tomic?
The Ump 26 May
De Minuar
18 & Retired 27 May
Have to go with Kyrgios, even on a bad day. Mind you, going with my success at picking I wouldn't put my $ on it Ha!
Wallaby 27 May
Relish 27 May
Ahhh........ that time of the year when I am always first😃😃😃
Rafa 25 May
So am I.
Real & fine athlete 5 Jun
that moment has passed for me! I m 422 now
Rafa 5 Jun
The DRAWS are up so start picking punters. Beware that qualifying has not finished so there are many MQ and WQ place holders in the draw. They will get real names tomorrow but you can still pick them if you're looking for a thrill! Tip for newbies - save the big guns for the later rounds. Good picking
The Ump 25 May
Great to see many past winners registering to have another crack at fame. Check out these LEGENDS on the scoreboard - look for the cup icons. No one has ever won twice - yet!
The Ump 23 May
I slid in and it just went over my leg
18 & Retired 23 May
This will be fun.
Bish 22 May
Bring on Roland Garros !!!!! Could be a very interesting Tournament huh !!
virgo 21 May
Not really they've done it for like 50 years
18 & Retired 23 May
Go Go Go Rafa!!! Le undecima on the way💪💪💪
Rafa 20 May
can Pokenostan return is title from when he won it??
Coleman 20 May
Ump is ready. Rafa looks ready. Are you ready to be the 2018 King of Clay?
The Ump 20 May
Already am, I won the U16 C grade clay tournament
18 & Retired 23 May
Unstoppable, brutal, magnificent RAFA

Simona Halep is French Open Champion
and kept 312 pickers pretty happy

The dream is over again for Del Potro

Was Garbine just happy for Simone??

What the hell is happening to me?

Daria Kasatkina. Too much for the Woz
Could she be someting special?

This is Marco Cecchinato. Never won a
grand slam match til last week
Now faces Djokovic in the Qtrs

Thiem's not looking at the ball so
is it some divine inspiration?

Sharapova looks determined - noisy too

Just put a Sock in it Jack. It was OUT

Trungelliti made Mum and Nana super
proud. Drove 9 hours with them from
Barcelona then beat Tomic. Incroyable!

Who said not to write off Ostapenko??
Surely not the ump

1st match over and no tears (yet)
as nobody picked Zheng

Someone has to do it - every day too

Look who's practising a Hot Shots drill
Welcome back Serena

Ostapenko surprised herself by winning
last year and spoiling the hopes of
thousands. Don't write her off again

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)