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 Mike and Marcus were on fire winning bronze at Tokyo.
 What are the guys cooking up here?

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"Hope you've booked your MIQ spot ... otherwise we won't be home in time for Xmas!"
SundayGirl  28 Aug      33
""What say I pop an underarm tweener serve through the legs Marcus? I bet the UMP would like that one""
Rafa_Jaw  28 Aug      26
"Look at that guy sitting there with a super huge grin, yeah Michael, he is from the South Island, he has just heard they are about to move to level 2."
Fuzzy Balls  7 Sep      11
"hey bro, did you put the bronze medal under the pillow. Couldn't find it this morning"
Jacob Oges  31 Aug      9
"Keep the balls away from your face,we don't know who has touched them"
Skytec  30 Aug      9
"Mmmm love the smell of new tennis balls."
Bevo  30 Aug      8
"Aim for his nuts and I'll cross"
Lurch  30 Aug      6
"If we just whisper here dude... they might think we're planning something haha."
em!  28 Aug      6
"Ok Mike, let's finish our vapes and smoke these yanks"
chopperchowmein  1 Sep      5
"Mike : Hey Marcus, this is it, we’ve got this - you’re gonna need that tissue sponsorship sooner rather than later "
Billy  30 Aug      5
"You know, codvid 19 Delta is going to hit NZ in three weeks. I am going to hit your leg and you fake a bad injured so we will stay here and compete in the paralympics."
machetico  30 Aug      5
"MD: "By George, Michael, no more careless whispers please!""
Boris  28 Aug      5
"(MV) Dodgy lunch?.....(MD) BURRRP!"
got the pip?  28 Aug      4
"Did you hear what happened to Sparkle!? Yeah, he's really struggled since his big win in 2014"
abaddon1  7 Sep      3
"Marcus, these balls are recording what we say. They're picking my serve:"
Roxy  3 Sep      3
"God these balls smell good, Do you wanna whiff-I'm alright mate"
Mcmonfil  2 Sep      3
""look at that camera man picking his nose. you think he's found any gold yet?""
lol  30 Aug      3
"Maybe we look as though we have a plan"
janniej  29 Aug      3
"Gosh It's so nice to see Fans back at the grounds of US Open. I hope the players don"t get too cold with all those fans going !!"
1News Newshub sport  29 Aug      3
"Coffee or a beer, i reckon a beer"
beaver  28 Aug      3
"You said we'd have matching caps ...."
Rach  7 Sep      2
"You want it to go left, Nah! that wont work, he's a lefty"
anzak  7 Sep      2
"Have you noticed how these new Dunlops make your fingers smell? Yeah! You too?"
sjlmass  5 Sep      2
"psst.think its Mrs Umps birthday this week, what shall web get her? Maybe a U.S Open towel or box of balls..."
Jacob Oges  3 Sep      2
"Mate all I'm saying is we can pawn these medals for so much, then we can go to the pub after"
harryearl04  3 Sep      2
"MV: Let’s just grab the medal quickly, I’m getting tired. MD: Meddle? So I like, just jump up after you serve and distract them? MV: No, Marcus, I mean the Olympic bronze medal."
A. Augeruma-Hurkami  2 Sep      2
"So is level 3 just level 4 with takeaways?"
F1NN  1 Sep      2
"Remember to shallow breath as there is bound to be a lot of fans with delta in the stands."
kev the cruncher  30 Aug      2
"Can you tell if they've got itchy noses too?"
Countryboy  30 Aug      2
"Two more damn anti vaxers…..let’s smash em."
radarlove  30 Aug      2
CharlieS  30 Aug      2
"testing,testing 1,2,3. Gee hope these hand mics are covid free"
Jacob Oges  29 Aug      2
"Yo My dad is gonna be pissed when we lose this semi bro"
azaabazza  29 Aug      2
"MV: Why are we covering our mouths when plotting our next move. Is is in case they can lip read? MD: Na mate, that stench from the Natto you had for breakfast is damn disgusting!"
Tommo  28 Aug      2
"Forgot my mask, will using my hand do?"
Mood Swings  28 Aug      2
"Let's switch caps at the sit down, that will surely seal it!"
Bevo  28 Aug      2
""god these balls smell good did someone put calone one them?" " maybe?""
SussyCharles  10 Sep      1
"if we do this long enough they will think we know what we are talking about!!"
anzak  9 Sep      1
"Just pretend we know what we are doing, they don't have a clue."
Donski  9 Sep      1
"Marcus - “Michael have you heard of Ball Tampering?” Michael - “Nah . . . But i heard of Cricket” "
Black Assasin  7 Sep      1
"'Hey Marco . . . which side am I serving to?" 'Ummmm . . . .""
Annie  7 Sep      1
camjl12  7 Sep      1
"Mate, even God doesn't know who's going to win a Woman's match! Imagine those idiots trying to pick them.."
Yablindref  7 Sep      1
"It's Going to be Groundhog day. Where is the ball going? Quick phone Bill Murray!"
Amy  7 Sep      1
""Sheesh these are some smelly balls, wanna pick up some Fish and Chips after bro""
LucaTheBeast  6 Sep      1
""Sheesh these are some smelly balls, wanna pick up some Fish and Chips after bro""
LucaTheBeast  6 Sep      1
"Do you reckon Lisa Carrington will win three medals or four?"
ZC26  4 Sep      1
"What you reckon -you or me?"
Hell  3 Sep      1
"Aren't we supposed to cough into our elbows to stop the spread of germs?"
Genie  3 Sep      1
bone crusher  3 Sep      1
"Are you sure they can read our lips!?"
JPNair  1 Sep      1
"Marcus, Tissue sponsorship ,they told you to take matters into your own hands, grab them by the balls and Multi-Ply."
Hec  1 Sep      1
"Speak no evil, smell no evil."
MUGGY  1 Sep      1
"Where have these balls been !!"
virgo  1 Sep      1
"Marcus, I knew we should have brought the face masks. I'm getting sick of walking around covering my mouth like this between points!"
Tasman  31 Aug      1
""Just hit it to his backhand" "ok""
Stocky  30 Aug      1
"Bro did you forget your facemask too?"
mokkatutu  30 Aug      1
"Remember to cover your mouth! They might lip read our important discussion!"
Hen  30 Aug      1
"No Marcus thats not how a trumpet sounds!"
mokkatutu  30 Aug      1
"What's your name again bro?"
Doobs  30 Aug      1
""Calling all rabbits" "Calling all rabbits that don't smell""
RoscoeDogg  30 Aug      1
"See that girl over there in the blue? Reckon I could get her number?"
bsmith  30 Aug      1
"Stuff level 4, shall we shoot down to the club and have a hit???"
stevo  30 Aug      1
"We've got it, yeah baby we've got it. I'm your Venus, I'm your fire at your desire."
FOULDS EH BOY  30 Aug      1
"Do you think these will fit into your pea shooter?If they do,they could be harder than your serve."
Fern  30 Aug      1
"Free sushi for a month if you hold."
Beamo  30 Aug      1
"“Speights or Export afterwards? …..” “Definitely Speights!”"
Jimmy G  30 Aug      1

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