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 Ducks on Centre Court!
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"I don’t think we should cross this line. I’ve got a really bad feeling about it"
robo29  9 Jul      15
"Due to the breakdown of hawkeye technology, we've had to revert to lesser known duckeye line calling, accurate to a blade of grass ... apparently."
Brooksy  8 Jul      15
"Wimbledon trials cheaper alternative to Hawk-Eye."
prodige 17  7 Jul      15
"What does a hawk eye know, a duck's eye is better"
Albow  9 Jul      11
"I am sure they said Drake was performing today?"
Julesski  11 Jul      9
"Where is that Wimby worm?"
Leo  13 Jul      8
"Hey Doug, try this! The white grass has been seasoned to perfection!"
Roger Dodger  9 Jul      8
"David Attenborough “Here we have 2, wild ducks, sitting on centre court, at Wimbledon"
Domi  9 Jul      8
"You cannot be serious! That ball was on the line!!"
Roger Dodger  9 Jul      7
"C’mon practice! Ump might call us to detect a line ball ."
topgun gran  9 Jul      7
""When your tennis partner is more interested in investigating the court than winning the match.""
Carota!!  9 Jul      7
"Duck Detectives: Sniffing out foul play at Wimbledon Centre Court!"
Domi  9 Jul      7
"The key to success on Centre Court is to not quack under pressure."
virgcat  7 Jul      7
"Do you think they'll notice if we join the doubles match?"
Domi  11 Jul      6
"Quick - take a photo of the ducks on the court. That'll make a great caption contest photo!"
1Robbo  9 Jul      6
"Definitely just out"
volleyqueen  7 Jul      6
"Look here, the ball was in,you blind old duck"
wellze bees  9 Jul      5
"“I still can’t understand how they let us into such a posh place as Wimbledon?” “Oh that’s easy. When the chap on the gate asked our names I just said ‘You can call me M’llard’. "
Mopsy & Popsy  7 Jul      5
"OK now, remember my signal, left leg back means serve down the tee."
RobbieLaver  9 Jul      4
"Too bad, mate, but you have used up all your challenges. "
Drop Shot  9 Jul      4
"Be careful not to foot fault Daisy ….. "
Volleyball  9 Jul      4
"Why did the duck cross the line?"
chopperchowmein  8 Jul      4
"It was out James, no it wasn’t Duckworth"
JRR  7 Jul      4
"Wimbledon Scandal: Proof emerges of Double Billing for dud new Hawkeye system…"
Shelley Beach  8 Jul      3
"Hey daisy ” how do they get the lines so straight on grass?” I just had a close look.. they use duck tape!"
FRC!  8 Jul      3
mattyboi :)  8 Jul      3
"Finally! Some real grass"
1Ace!  8 Jul      3
"I bet we could win against those old ducks in the Women’s Legends!"
Ball boy  7 Jul      3
"What a quack up, can't believe they let us on centre court."
Donski  7 Jul      3
"'lord love a duck' it was OUT!"
ATM  9 Jul      2
"When the players arrive you'll know why they call us ducks"
StPeter  9 Jul      2
"Hey Daisy, this grass is almost as good as Umps back yard! I don't think we are meant to be here Donald....there are camera's everywhere! Lets get the quack outa here."
SmashemNat  8 Jul      2
"When your partners backhand is literally winging it"
JR.  8 Jul      2
"check this out donald. Grasss definitely greener over here"
Jacob Oges  8 Jul      2
""I think tennis should introduce the Ducksworth Lewis Stern (DLS) like they do in cricket""
Big Dogs Apprentice  8 Jul      2
"Hey Mate - last time I looked this was a pond! Did I dream it or did it stop raining>"
Nancy Jenkins  7 Jul      2
"It's out!" "Duhhh, you quacker ! This is doubles."
Lawnmaster  7 Jul      2
"Got all my Ducks in a row"
Kace  7 Jul      2
"You cannot be serious, the ball was good! I saw chalk dust and this right here is where it caught the line!"
Tommo  7 Jul      2
"Definitely just in ref… the line right here……"
volleyqueen  7 Jul      2
"Duck, Duck, "Goose Grass"?"
MikeyZA  7 Jul      2
"Quick, today's the last day there'll be any grass anywhere near this back serve and volley these days"
nzbroz  14 Jul      1
"I can't think of any funny duck captions so I'm not even going to take a quack at it."
Erikee  14 Jul      1
"Harry, I don't think we're welcome here anymore."
Eadenpark  13 Jul      1
"I got a ducks eye view"
Karl  13 Jul      1
"This is better than crossing Abbey Road after The Beatles - here we've got grass to eat."
Real & fine athlete  12 Jul      1
"Love a duck duck!"
Betc  10 Jul      1
"Why do they make green grass white?"
macka  10 Jul      1
"Duck off that ball was out!"
Cleo  10 Jul      1
"Look, there's the mark where I saw the chalk fly!"
RobbieLaver  9 Jul      1
"Donald don't poop on the White Line !! It's too easy to see. Ump will call it IN but you'll be " IN TROUBLE""
Mike W  9 Jul      1
"What do you think Daffy - fowl line call?"
PashON  9 Jul      1
"“Hey Donald, don’t touch those lines”…..”year whatever, I don’t give a duck”"
Mood Swings  9 Jul      1
"We are safe here Donald, no points for hitting a birdie."
JP3  9 Jul      1
"We must be Quackers with that guy Zverev serving those bullets.[DUCK NOW]"
Fern  7 Jul      1
"...and with Badosa that makes 3 qrackers on court"
Lightning  7 Jul      1
"Too close to call. Suggest you duck for cover!"
Aussie  7 Jul      1
"Love the Drake"
Azza  7 Jul      1

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