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Happy happy me. Finished 81. Thanks Ump for the past two fun filled weeks of picking.
kiki 15 Jul      2
Thanks Ump, great fun again
Billy 15 Jul      1
Wizard of Wimby - congrats to HonestJohn on 95 points. Just 1 loss but a couple of 8 pointers clinched it. Runners up Ducka and Stevieone on 93 pts.
Men's Draw - Ducka wins with a massive 52 pts.
Women's Draw - Stevieone with 51 pts on a countback from AMN.
Lucky Draw - Gemz drawn from those who picked every round. Gemz may have come 544th but never gave up picking - legend!
Top Group - Greendale Tennis Club win the tightest groups race ever. A few Kiwi dubs bonus points clinched it.
Caption contest - Ump's ducking for cover as there is no outright winner :)

Winners email Ump a postal address.

Thanks for playing in as Carlos said 'the most beautiful tournament'.
The Ump 15 Jul      3
Congrats to all and THANK YOU, Ump. Fun Tennis is right! Love playing these picking games and the good humour you inject into them is priceless.
virgcat 15 Jul      2
Ditto. Love it. Thanks Ump!
SmashemNat 15 Jul     
Final tally from OKSS: 18 sets From: Round 1 - 4 sets (2 each from Routliffe and Venus) Round 2 - 4 sets (as above) Round 3 - 4 sets (as above) Qtrs - 4 sets (as above) Semis - 2 sets from Routliffe Finals - 0 Hey Ump = is that the highest tally from Kiwis for Doubles since we've been doing this? I can't remember a higher total.
Real & fine athlete 14 Jul      2
Thanks RAFA aka OKSS. And yes 18 sets is a record - better than the 14 when Erin won the US Open women's dubs in 2023. Actually no contest as that Ump character went awol and there was no Big Apple Picker :(
The Ump 14 Jul     
GC77 joins Honest John in the lead on 83 pts. Just the men's final to go tonight and they're on different horses.

Greendale TC lead the groups alone but nothing can be taken for granted in that race.
The Ump 14 Jul     
What an excellent ladies final 👏
virgcat 14 Jul      2
Get quacking in the caption contest. Vote for as many as you like 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
The Ump 13 Jul     
Ump asked me to make this a new post rather than continue my running total (see posts below). The total of Kiwi sets in the Doubles has now increased to 18! Brilliant stuff! Routliffe and Dabrowski won their semi-final in straight sets - so there is a Kiwi in women's doubles final. How exciting. (Sadly Routliffe and Venus did not have the same result in their Mixed Doubles semi-finals)
Real & fine athlete 13 Jul      2
Honest John and SmashemNat rejoin GJB in the lead thanks to getting the sets bonus. Could be that getting the sets right will be the clincher in the Wiz of Wimby.
The Ump 13 Jul     
SmashemNat enjoyed the limelight for just 1 day as GJB is the new leader after the Ladies semis. Remember double points the finals so it's a long way from over.
6 Groups now within a point - tightest race in memory. Something has to give ;)
The Ump 12 Jul      2
Great stuff SmashemNat, picked 10 winners, so good. There's another back in 16th with perfect record too, but has had 4 lucky dips, go figure.
bobco 11 Jul      1
Thanks, lucky with a few but this game is intense. Far from over too as anything can still happen. Trying not to get snookered ;)
SmashemNat 11 Jul     
My point exactly about luckydips. Get rid of them 🤪
Vixen 12 Jul     
Can I leave a Blank for the womens semifinals so I can at least put an Entry for the Final as I have only 1 player left for the Semis & Final ???
Mike W 11 Jul     
Nothing to stop you locking in a later round pick at any time Mike W. But are you sure you've only got 1 women left?
The Ump 11 Jul     
Excuse me gentlemen, but please remember there are no women at Wimbledon... only ladies.
virgcat 11 Jul     
I have two women left but they are both playing each other in the Semi Final so the one who wins... If I pick her . I cannot re pick her for the Final so best leave the semi final Blank. Love this game but Wimbledon has been a challenge !!!
Mike W 11 Jul     
I see that even though I picked NO ONE for the Ladies Semi that one was Allocated for Me. Krejcikova... this means I cannot put anyone in the Ladies final. I presume u are not allowed to leave it Blank until you have run out of Players ???? Otherwise the Ump will pick for you. I will Know for next time Great game though.... THANKYOU
Mike W 13 Jul     
Looks like you left both the semi and final picks blank so thatís why you got a Lucky dip. You should have put in your final pick and just left the semi blank. You can only do that on the home page pick list. But love your attitude Mike W. If there were attitude points then Ump would give you a couple 👍
The Ump 13 Jul     
The North Otago Masters have broken free of a long frosty spell to jointly lead the Groups race with Parnell TC. No greater honour than winning the Wiz of Wimby groups to celebrate 150 years!!
The Ump 11 Jul     
Carnage on the scoreboard last night leaving SmashemNat leading alone on 64 pts. Fritz and Ostapenko had about 500 qtrs picks - what a mess :)
The Ump 11 Jul      1
Trying to hold on for dear life! Crazy game this.
SmashemNat 11 Jul      1
I see in the mixed doubles some names have an A next to their names not a seeding number. Anyone know what that means ?
Vixen 10 Jul     
A stands for Absolutely no chance 😂. Or maybe Alternate as they got in cause Raducanu pulled out after the draw was made. 😎
The Ump 10 Jul     
Ok. There are 2 pairs so someone else must of pulled out too. Thank you Ump
Vixen 10 Jul     
Lulu Sun's match will be on TV1 tonight (as well as TVNZ +). Hooray!!!!
Real & fine athlete 9 Jul      3
Margarito and Ninja share the R4 lead on 54 pts. Next up are the Quarters and time to star gaze!
The Grand Slam Aces are living up to their name in the Groups race. But aces sometimes go hand in hand with double faults ;)
The Ump 9 Jul     
UK news website The Telegraph: ď[Lulu] Sun walloped a mighty 52 winners Ė the highest total in the entirety of the womenís draw to date. So devastating was her forehand that her racket could have been strung with nitroglycerin.Ē
Wimbledon Simpleton 8 Jul      3
Sensational tennis from Lulu Sun! Absolutely incredible and hats off to the crowd and the post-match interviewer for letting her have this memorable moment after beating their girl.
Wimbledon Simpleton 8 Jul      4
Trying to keep a running tally of doubles set (I usually forget). By my calculation in Round 1: Erin Routliffe - 2 sets Daniell - 0 sets Venus - 2 sets So four sets so far. With Venus and Routliffe both playing tonight.
Real & fine athlete 7 Jul      1
Round 2 (round 32) - great stuff. Both Venus and Routliffe won with two sets each. So the total for New Zealand in doubles is now 8.
Real & fine athlete 8 Jul     
Round 3 (round of 16) - more great stuff. Both Venus and Routliffe still there with two sets each. So the total is now 12.
Real & fine athlete 10 Jul     
Wow!! Four more sets last night in the quarter finals. Both Routliffe and Venus won their Womens and Mens doubles. So that is now a total of 16.
Real & fine athlete 11 Jul     
RAFA, you are hereby appointed OKSS - Official Kiwi Sets Counter. Purely honorary position of course, just in case you thought it might carry bonus points :)
The Ump 11 Jul     
The score is still 16 - Venus and Skupski fell in the Men's Doubles semis last night (with not even a set). Then later on Venus played Skupski in the Mixed Doubles and won (but Mixed Doubles don't count - in the Wizard of Wimby set tally. They very much count to Venus and the honour of Kiwis).
Real & fine athlete 12 Jul      1
Hey Ump - that's a heck of a responsibility - To have an Official Title. And no bonus points! I've started so I'll finish.
Real & fine athlete 12 Jul     
Time for an update from the OKSS... Make it a new post RAFA :)
The Ump 13 Jul     
5 tied for the lead after round 3 and another 5 just 1 point back. Super tight contest this Wimby.
The Ump 7 Jul      2
Lulu Sun-sational. Into the 4th round versus Emma Raducanu - probably centre court too.
The Ump 6 Jul      5
Definitely worth staying up for!! My nails survived... just...
virgcat 6 Jul      1
Hey Ump You sure our picks are saved automatically? The system hasn't saved my one for Arthur Fils because it said I had already picked him in round three but this is round three and I've picked him for that.Huh???
Nancy Jenkins 5 Jul     
Picks have closed and you definitely have Fils so nothing to worry about Nancy J.
The Ump 5 Jul     
The word is that Lulu's match will be live on TVNZ+ tonight. She's first up at 10pm. Go Lulu
The Ump 5 Jul      4 forecast yesterday...wonder if TVNZ have prepared...
Chalk_Flew_Up! 5 Jul     
3 way tie on 30 points after R2. And super close in the Groups with less than a point between the top 3.
Round 3 picks close tonight Friday. Best pick now and then go get a pie :)
The Ump 5 Jul     
I hope the sun shines again for our Lulu. She has played some amazing tennis. We are right behind you girl :)
Ducktales 4 Jul      2
Whakamama hits the front part way thru round 2. Less than half R2 matches played so a big night coming up.
The Ump 4 Jul     
Womens tennis is ridiculous! Number 300 ranked beats 45th ranked. No one knows what's gonna happen..
Yablindref 4 Jul      1
Lulu does it again. And her 68 pickers are feeling very sunny this morning
The Ump 4 Jul      3
Watching on TVNZ + -put it on at 10 pm last night live and paused it and leave TV on and then continued watching in the morning - and you can fast forward - perfect solution. Just canít turn TV off or watch anything else until dayís tennis watching over !!
Netty 4 Jul     
We are too you donít have to pause it or leave TV on. Just go to it next morning and it will continue from where you left it. And you can fast forward if you want 😉
Vixen 4 Jul     
Picks closing at 9.30pm. Hurry hurry :)
The Ump 3 Jul     
Hey Ump, are we including Lulu Sun in the sets guessed for kiwis? I'm sure she'll get a few!
Myst 3 Jul     
Good question Myst but not for Wimby this time :( Ump's kicking itself for missing the opportunity but definitely going to include Kiwi's singles sets for the US Open game. Go Lulu
The Ump 3 Jul      2
Gate Pa leading Northcote by .1 of point in the Groups race. Better hope your defences are strong GP cause the battle is brewing...
The Ump 3 Jul      1
16 unfinished 1st round matches today. Makes picking round 2 a bit tricky as you still need to get your R2 picks in by 9pm today. If you pick someone who ends up losing their R1 match then you'll get a lucky dip substitute. Hope that makes sense!!
The Ump 3 Jul      1
Morning Ump isn't there a bonus point for a Q beating a main draw opponent? Thanks
Belinda 3 Jul     
A qualifier has same status as an unseeded player so no bonus unless beating a seed. Some say that Qs are too dangerous and hungry to pick against in the 1st round.
The Ump 3 Jul      1
Andy Murray faced reality and pulled the plug giving David Goffin a last minute Lucky Loser slot. Murray's 5 pickers have now got Goffin - not a bad deal as Goff's got class on grass
The Ump 3 Jul     
what happens the top two on the leader board win and have the exact same inputs. who will win?
mattyboi :) 2 Jul     
Oh mattyboi aren't you getting ahead of yourself. Get your head out of the clouds and just pick winners - the scoreboard will look after itself.
But if it does come to a tie then some countback rules will kick in - hint unseeded picks help :)
The Ump 3 Jul      1
Just my opinion but what do others think about lucky dips ? I noticed at French open players getting through and hardly picking their own choices Iím not a fan fair enough if you really forget but every round !!
Vixen 2 Jul      1
No way of winning the picking game with lucky dips cause you don't get bonuses. Let the dippers have their fun I say. Get my lotto dip every week too and don't expect to win but ya never know.
Ball boy 3 Jul      2
Vixen, it shouldn't really be a problem for you - since you'd never be losing to somebody playing with random chance? :) I do agree with you though - I've had pickers above me before who haven't picked since round two, and it does my head in!
Myst 3 Jul     
All hail MatuaMark who leads after day 1 landing two 8 pointers including Lulu Sun. Sensational start by Lulu and MatuaMark.
The Ump 2 Jul      3
Great result for Lulu Sun! 🇳🇿❤️
virgcat 2 Jul      4
They're dropping like flies! Azarenka now pulls out with a shoulder injury, and is replaced by Lucky Loser Elsa Jacquemot for the match against Sloane Stephens.
anotherkiwi 2 Jul     
Thanks for heads up AnotherKiwi. Going to be some disappointed pickers when the results get posted :(
The Ump 2 Jul     
Sabalenka now out of the women's singles with a shoulder injury that had her as a doubtful starter anyway. Replaced by Lucky Loser Erika Andreeva, who joins younger sister Mirra in the main draw.
anotherkiwi 2 Jul     
Alexandrova a late withdrawal, so Raducanu gets to play Lucky Loser Renata Zarazua from Mexico instead.
anotherkiwi 1 Jul     
Good luck to all you 560 pickers and if the going gets tough remember Kipling's words over the players entrance at Wimby...

'If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same'

Good picking and take it easy on the cat :)
The Ump 1 Jul      2
TVNZ+ showing tennis 10pm til 10 am. But canít record
Vixen 1 Jul     
Late withdrawals by Koepfer and Davidovich who are replaced by Lucky Losers Perricard and Van Assche. Still time to change your picks if youíre affected.
Took 2 goes but hopefully got the names right now.
The Ump 1 Jul     
Hey Ump, I never did find out how many sets were won by the Kiwis at the French Open, or in fact at any of the previous tournaments I have participated in as a punter - where do you report this?
StPeter 30 Jun     
It was shown in the final scoreboard StPeter. 3pts for guessing 8 sets won by Kiwis, 2 pts for guessing 7 or 9 sets, or 1 pt for 6 or 10.
Any divine inspiration for Wimby??
The Ump 1 Jul     
Thanks Ump - must have missed it! No divine inspiration for Wimby sorry, just go with the gut as usual!
StPeter 1 Jul     
Am so cheesed off go to for tennis tv $19.99 a month. Its at night so want to record it No thanks. They whant to know what wrong with nz tv. Give me a ring and I will tell you. Not happy. Finals only but a lot happens before that. Grumpy Beaver
beaver 30 Jun     
So, who knows how we can watch Wimbledon? Not live (I'm not THAT committed), but with full-day replays, preferably. I'm ok using a VPN, if required, but what is everyone else doing? I know that TVNZ+ is showing all the finals, but nothing else.
zednik 29 Jun     
VPN and watch on BBC iPlayer, all in glorious 4K 🤓🤓🤓
King of the Hill 29 Jun     
My iPlayer account won't let me watch - it blocks all access through a VPN (through my one, anyway).
anotherkiwi 30 Jun     
Try a DNS Service such as Getflix, it does require alot of mucking about however
King of the Hill 1 Jul     
Any tips on how to do this
Billy 1 Jul     
set the Timezone to British Time worked for me
King of the Hill 3 Jul     
I want to be able to programme and record it. Help any of you technophobes!I have sky and on demand but nothing else. TVNZ must be bloody hard up to be canning Wimbledon!!!!! Can think of plenty of other things they should get rid of first!!
Nancy Jenkins 30 Jun     
It IS on TVNZ, Nancy!
anotherkiwi 30 Jun     
Really only the finals I think
Vixen 30 Jun     
Is it not going to be on SKY SPORT ?
Vixen 30 Jun     
TVONE +. on 10 pm til 10 am. But canít record
Vixen 1 Jul     
TVONE +. on 10 pm til 10 am. But canít record
Vixen 1 Jul     
Lordy, what a difference a day makes, eh? Both TVNZ+ and TennisTV have the full tournament, now, but whether they have replays or not, we'll just have to wait and see. Can I claim credit for this?
zednik 1 Jul     
Turn on TV at 10pm for live feed from TVNZ+ and start watching and then pause. Leave TV on and then watch next day and you can fast forward. It is perfect !
Netty 4 Jul     
Draws are up.
Good picking :)
The Ump 29 Jun     
Super cool Lulu Sun has qualified for the Singles winning 7-6 7-5 in her last match.
Go Kiwis
The Ump 28 Jun      1
Seems she got the toughest MD opponent compared to the other qualies... :|
Chalk_Flew_Up! 29 Jun     
2nd toughest... ;)
Chalk_Flew_Up! 29 Jun     
Good luck Kiki from Toots to the U S
beaver 27 Jun      1
Thanks, Beaver. Good pickings to you, too. Iíll miss our Tuesday catch ups.
kiki 30 Jun     
Thanks Ump what a treasure you are
beaver 27 Jun      1
Hi Ump welcome back.plase does anyone know what channel, in N Z ,are the matches on live ?? Good luck all
beaver 26 Jun      1
TVNZ+ and Duke.
The Ump 27 Jun     
Welcome back Ump and Mrs Ump! No time between drinks for you, or for us with the French and Wimbledon so close.Well keeps us alive and kicking doesn't it! Have a good one fellow players!
Nancy Jenkins 26 Jun      2
arky13 26 Jun     
It's time to play the Wizard of Wimby.
May the magic be with you :)
The Ump 26 Jun      7
Let the games begin
volleyqueen 29 Jun     
"The most beautiful tournament.
The most beautiful court.
The most beautiful trophy."
Carlos Alcaraz 2024

Erin Routliffe and Gaby Dabroswki lost
the final but Erin is now World dubs #1

Barbora Krejcikova, the 31st seed
found her long lost form and wins
the famous Venus Rosewater dish

Mike and Erin fell in the Mixed semis
but a great warmup for the Olympics

Gustavo Fernandez was at full stretch
to win in the wheely quarter finals

Fritzy ate the dreams of 340 pickers

Lulu Sun's Wimby ends after 8 matches
Surely just the end of the beginning

Zverev thought he saw the finish line
but Fritz hauled him back in 5

The scoreboard says it all :)

Iga - the not so Great on grass

Take that Carlos thinks Frances Tiafoe
But in the end doing beats thinking

For *** sake give me a hand will you
But there was no helping Dalma Galfi

Sad to be the loser in the Italian affair
Matteo Berrettini was still all class

Quick exit for Vondrousova
last year's champ is out

Mark Lajal got clipped by Alcaraz

Lulu Sun qualifies for the Singles
winning 7-6 7-5 in her last match
Go Kiwis

2023 Wimby champ Carlos Alcaraz
- watch out for more wizardry

Marketa Vondrousova - 2023 champ
6th seed for 2024

Check the Rules

Good picking........The Ump :-)